Ireland for ISIS

My recent interview on al Mayadeen, available here and here,  has been well received.  In it, I allude to disgraced Irish front group, GOAL (which  USAID uses to channel tens of millions of dollars to the Idlib caliphate), Ivana Bacik (whose family fled Czechoslovakia shortly after the Nazis surrendered it in 1945 ) and hard liner Ali Selim (of the controversial Clonskeagh mosque).
These links here, here and here show Selim, the SCR lot and notorious suicide bomber Terry Kelly protesting together at the Belgian Embassy in May 2010. Selim has yet to apologise to the Belgian and Irish people over this. Note the reporter is controversial asset Mary Fitzgerald, who has a very close working relationship with the Libya and Syrian terrorists based in Ireland who helped Clinton and the CIA ship chemical weapons to Syria from Libya (where even the pro humanitarian Guardian newspaper now admits Africans are now openly sold at slave auctions) and the Independent, which now admits the USA has murdered hundreds of Syrians over this Easter week in ways that mirror earlier attacks they have been implicated in and on which Trump threatened nuclear war. I write about all of these Irish-based assets here. Though the various foreign intelligence services have a wide number of assets working in Ireland to further their nefarious agendas,  much more must and will be done to stop them in both Syria and Ireland
 Let’s see if those who recently attacked the Russian Embassy now front up at the American Embassy to protest this latest atrocity or if the “socialist” Englishman who is at the centre of these attacks will even picket his own embassy.
Now, during Passover,as White House House Holocaust deniers call for more Syrian children to be bombed and to be murdered by sanctions, and as the right wing Irish Times demands more humanitarian bombing, we will stay on course and stay the course.
Our plans are simple:
1. Return to Syria for 26 October to November 5th 2017; 19 December-28 December 2017. If you wish to join us, please contact me. Price: $449 US from Beirut airport and back, 9 nights, 10 days. visas, hotels and half board included.
2. Raise money and equipment (cameras etc) for Syrians to tell their own story and to get on with defending humanity against ISIS, against Ireland for ISIS, against humanitarian bombers and all their fellow travelers and apologists, both Irish and other.
The photos above surrounding Holocaust denier Sean Spicer are of Syrian children murdered by the USA and her proxies either by sanctions (freezing to death), by gassing or by suicide bomb attacks on their kindergartens.  Though in time, all of these victims of Gulf State and NATO aggression will be appropriately remembered, for  now, the dead, must, as the Bible says, bury the dead. We have to concentrate on the living, those wonderful women and children who still resist ISIS, al Qaeda, the Free Syrian Army and their Irish, NATO and Gulf State supporters.

Answer Senator Dick Black’s Nine Simple Questions

War against Syria is illegal under laws of warfare.  Ask people to answer these questions—they can’t:

  1. Pres. Assad is winning the war on all fronts; why would he enrage the world just to kill a handful of civilians?
  1. If Syria used chemical weapons, why wouldn’t they use them against armored formations or against heavily entrenched terrorists, instead of killing a handful of women and kids?
  1. If Syria planned on committing an irrational gas attack, why did they give the U.S. air authorities advance notice according to protocols?
  1. Why do we think the gas was in Syrian bombs and not in chemical weapons stored in the terrorists’ warehouse?Syrians bombing may have caused leaking in ISIS/al Qaeda shells or mines.
  1. If anyone doubts the terrorists have poison gas, on September 30, 2016, didn’t the U.S. launch a massive attack with B-52s against a large ISIS poison gas facility in Mosul?[See:].
  1. Why did ISIS immediately follow the U.S. air attack with a coordinated ground attack?Who gave them advance notice of the pending U.S. attack?
  1. Why did the U.S. rely on terrorists to provide evidence of the attack?The White Helmets are clearly part of al Qaeda.  Should the U.S. base military decisions on the word of terrorists who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11?
  1. The Syrian Observatory for Human Right, based in London is funded by British intelligence, MI-6.  Why are we relaying on a notoriously deceitful propaganda mill for our decisions?
  1. Look who’s celebrating:  John McCain and Lindsay Graham; Hillary Clinton; ISIS.  Doesn’t that tell you which side we’re on?

Warm Regards,

Richard H. Black

Senator of Virginia, 13th District

(703) 468-1342

Syrian Kids, Cash, Cameras, Cynicism, Chemical Weapons & HM The Queen

Donald Trump illegal bombing of a Syria airport solely dedicated to attacking  ISIS is the latest in the USA’s 16 year-long  hot war against the secular Arab world, which it wages, based on a tissue of lies, with Al Qaeda, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and which it previously waged in Afghanistan with its same repulsive proxies of Al Qaeda, the so-called CIA’#s Arab  Legion.

When people ask what does the “benevolent” USA get out of all this, the answer is all that US policy in the Middle East always wanted: proxy states, their oil money, arms sales and control. The destruction of both Libya and Iraq were hugely profitable not only for the oil but for the funds, art galleries and museums the USA and its proxies looted. The fact that the USA’s allies, most notably Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel, have, along with the USA itself, track records in such matters should be noted.

But what of the children is the cry that is supposed to stampede our emotions into supporting Israel, the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar into killing more Syrian children? Ok, let’s think of the children, the dead ones to begin with. Last week, the USAF incinerated 200 of them in Mosul and not a peep of protest was heard in the West from rent a crowd. This morning, the USA murdered six Syrians and orphaned many more.

But they were not gassed, you say. True, but the kids in the above photo were gassed to death three years ago in Akrama school in Homs (45 were murdered then)  and there was not a peep of protest then by rent a crowd because the moderate rebels. the USA’s proxies, did it.  The US did not try to bully the UN and nor did it threaten illegal, unilateral action of the sort that allowed the USA, her allies and their proxies ravage Libya and which we again saw last night. The USA and her allies have repeatedly turned a blind eye to their rebel proxies gassing Iraqi and Syrian kids.

The USA is the core of the problem, and is not the solution. It  has destroyed Iraq and illegally occupies part of Syria and murders Syrians in concert with its allies, who are amongst the most despicable regimes on earth.

This is a fake false flag attack and those calling for no fly zones, safe zones and so on have, working on their  “successful” Libyan model, been calling for them for the last seven years as a means of destroying Syria and handing it over to the butchers and cannibals who rule Idlib. They have not only been caught lying again and again but have been caught stockpiling and using chemical weapons both in Aleppo and in Iraq. They have been caught with the smoking gun on countless occasions.

The USA, their Saudi and Qatari allies and their ISIS and al Qaeda proxies have paid pro humanitarian bombing groups like Human Rights Watch, GOAL and Amnesty International (which encouraged the widescale lynching of blacks in Libya) shilling for them.


And, of course, they have the White Helmets murder gang, who can be seen with ISIS in this video,  along with ISIS slave (and British Royal Family friend) John Cantlie.


Speaking about renowned journalist John Cantlie, the main medical witness for the latest false flag chemical attack, pictured above, was charged with kidnapping him on behalf of ISIS. Though you can read about this medical reptile here and here, and even follow him here on ISIS friendly Twitter, you might also note that their medical associates have threatened to sue me in England.

I mention that not to boast but to point out that literally hundreds of British and Irish based professional;s are up to their eyes in jihad in Syria, Iraq and Libya and I have entries on many of them here.


Click on the picture above to see who is behind the latest chemical weapons’ outrage and also check out this link to see that the USA ferried sarin gas to the rebels in Syria with the help of Dubliner Mehdi Harati.

Note also that the British police and other regulatory authorities, despite many informed warnings by me and others, are unconcerned with ISIS’ criminal behaviour in Britain. Indeed, as this report into another media friendly false flag chemical attack makes clear,  the BBC and other organs of the British state are again up to their necks in again pushing us into war.

For my own part, I intend to update this basic reference guide which you can download for free; the work of PhD Chemistry student and MIT associate researcher Mimi Laham,  videod above, appears more than once in it disproving earlier chemical weapons’ claims. War or no war, I also intend to return to government-held Syria for both Halloween and for Christmas, both of which are celebrated in government-held Syria and both of which bring an automatic death sentence in the side the USA supports and has always supported.

So, yes, I will continue to think of the children. The children the USA and its proxies murder, the children they cynically use in their snuff videos and other propaganda and the children of liberated  Aleppo, photographed above, the USA, her allies and their proxies have scarred for life, just as they previously scarred the children of Vietnam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Mexico, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and so many other places the USA with her  exceptionalism, her Manifest Destiny and her rampant greed and insufferable arrogance destroyed.

The Syrian people, their army, which has dispatched into Hades well in excess of 70,000 foreign mercenaries, and their secular government have stayed strong despite the unprecedented attacks on them. Once Iran, Russia, China and Lebanese and other irregulars continue to stand with them there is hope for Syria, and for the world. Thanks to Syria’s enemies, there is no other hope.

Other News

The St Petersburg slaughter by the Syrian rebels has been forgotten in the rush to bomb Syria; #syriahoax trended on twitter with some informative posts; the abandoned Christians of Mhardeh, N. Hama together with the Syrian and Russian Armies, are preparing to make a last stand against the Saudi, Turkish and Qatari rebels the USA arms, trains and funds: it is imperative for the USA’s grand plan to do an Iraq on Syria and cleanse it of Christians; sanctions are still killing Syrian children at a higher rate than ISIS; the next round of fake talks are due to begin soon and the #SyriaHoax  was implemented to strengthen the hand of the rebel “negotiators” whose forte is caging women and organ harvesting children,The rather than arguing their indefensible corner. The fact that Israel has said it will step up its pro ISIS humanitarian bombing of Syria shows us just how bad things are.

Assad and Me: I was in Homs and Damascus for the Syrian Presidential election. Assad has an overwhelming mandate from the Syrian people, as one would expect a war President to have. Trump has none. His troops illegally occupy Syria and he murders Syrian soldiers and civilians. In Syria, he is the criminal.

Once Assad Goes: So too will Christians, Druze and other  minorities as they will have no future there, save as sex slaves or spare parts in the rebels’ organ harvesting factories. Of course, this war is not about Assad at all but rather about replacing the secularism he represents.  Nor is it about promoting democracy for, it it were, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar could have no role to play. Nor is it about murdering children for if it were, then Saudi Arabia and her German, American, French and British  arms suppliers would be in the media’s cross hairs because of their unparalleled war crimes in Yemen. But then the media with its fake news and its serial collaboration in war crimes should also be in the cross hairs.

The above people, along with very many of their compatriots,  belong in The Hague. But the USA says it will invade if any of its citizens are tried as the war criminals that they are. Although the hypocrisy of the USA and her proxies, toadies, flunkeys and sundry allies is bad enough,  their willful slaughter of Syria’s innocents, children included, is beyond disgusting. If Trump really must bomb any belligerent, he should bomb the USA, the guiltiest party to this and so many other conflicts.

There  is, of course, my other infinitely more honourable exit strategy, that entails working with Russia, Armenia, Iran and other peace makers and not  enriching the USA’s arms manufacturers or kowtowing to Saudi and Qatari despots. Trump has made his money. He does not have to be another Clinton or Obama, another carpet bagger on the make. He could try to be human. And respect humans, Syrians included, even if that is the antithesis of USA foreign policy.

Now that the USA has murdered another four  Syrian children with their pro ISIS attacks “against Assad“,  let’s summarise the state of play.

Chemical and biological weapons are the poor country’s equivalent of the rich country’s nuclear arsenal. Syria possessed chemical weapons as a weapon of last resort against an Israeli invasion. Because Israel currently illegally occupies parts of Syria and Israel collaborates with Al Qaeda in the Golan against UN, Druze and Syrian forces and because Israel is now threatening a “humanitarian war” against Syria, this is a very real possibility but, much to  Israel’s delight, Syria no longer has any deterrent to stop further aggression..

Following the Ghouta false flag attack (pp106 et seq), where David Cameron and other war mongers in hock to Saudi Arabia wanted to  use to do a Libya on Syria, Russia brokered a peace deal which meant Syria surrendering its chemical stockpile in return for Russia’s assistance with the defence of Syria.

The issue at stake is not, in fact, the use of chemical weapons in Syria (pp 61 et seq) per se which the USA has widely and cynically used itself (see pp60 et seq of this book) but one of regime change and of installing paid and malleable puppets such as Mousa al Kurdi  ( see pp176 et seq of this book), his daughter Rola Hallam (pp 116 of the same book), her repulsive brother in law (p 16 of the same book) and a very large cast of other Muslim Brotherhood related thugs the CIA think they can handle. To get a better handle on the idiots the West hire, check out the entries on such idiots as Bellingcat(p 41), Elliot Higgins (p139), Dan Kaszeta (p170) and of people like SyrianGirlPartisan (p 246). As in Iraq, these are the pawns the USA hire to destroy, maim, plunder and kill.

Though these frauds, liars and charlatans are easily exposed, the problem is they are funded and trained by the West and so their lies never stop. Though that would be ok in a kindergarten (schools for babies the rebels regularly bomb), people die as a result of their criminality and of our failure to stop them.

Louise Mensch

Check these links here and here to  consider the case of Louise Mensch who says the most bizarre and stupid things about Putin but is rewarded very handsomely for it in the USA. Until these puppets can be effectively muzzled and the CIA ventriloquist taken to task, the killing will continue.

How in the World is Louise Mensch Suddenly Credible?

Watch this Syrian Armenian explain the USA’s game plan with this false flag gambit:


$450 Heroes of Syria Tour: October/November 2017

Great Deal to See Syria: Only $450US for 10 days, 9 nights.

Overview/Pricing/Strategy/Caveats et al: This $450US  is a ball park figure a leading Syrian tour operator gave me. It  is for bed and half board in good Syrian hotels for 9 nights and 10 days. The idea is to allow interested people see the human, cultural, culinary, religious, secular and other treasures of secular Syria the Gulf States and their NATO allies are destroying with their sanctions and proxy “rebels”, to see how GOAL, Hand in Hand for Syria, OXFAM and other dubious outfits fit into this game plan, and to offer pecuniary and other practical help to Syria’s Christians, Muslims, atheists, women and children with a variety of projects where, crucially, Syrians and their existing institutions, rather than foreigners and their CIA/MI6 agendas, are in control.

We are again soliciting funds which will again be passed on with zero deductions to our Syrian partner groups. We hope to have this on a more formal basis by September 2017.

Arrival Beirut: 26 October 2017. Departure Beirut: 4 November 2017.

Key Dates: The key dates are Halloween, 31 October, All Saints’ Day 1 November, All Souls’ Day 2 November 2017, 100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration (where Perfidious Albion and France gave a country they did not own to people who had never been there) 2 November 2017. Though some people with too much time on their hands object to one or more of these dates and events for one reason or  another, they are the next dates we can build around and we already have significant uptake in Australia, Germany and Ireland, as well as a few thousand $$ to donate.

Key Monetary Target: is to raise money for Syrian (and Syrian-Palestinian for 2 November) children and their guardians. Much of this is ring-fenced for art therapy. Whether the kids and their guardians want to dress up for Halloween or do anything on the other days is up to them and their guardians. We, quite rightly, have no say in the matter.

Though donors can stipulate money to go to wherever and whatever they choose and we will facilitate, we are making a special effort to help and salute Syria’s Assyrian children, not least because the “rebels” kidnapped and organ harvested the kids in the above photo a few days after they went out trick and treating. We also hope to branch out into the countryside where, currently, only Armenia and Russia give help, with little Armenia giving more than the entire EU (which makes a fortune selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to murder Syrian  and Yemeni children with).

Organisational Units:  We will work in units of approximately six persons and organise bespoke tours and apply for free group visas with that number in mind. This will allow us to be flexible and for all of us to achieve our objectives, which are a mixture of tourism, fact-finding, helping, shopping (the economy badly needs it), learning and planning for the next visit. (I’ll be back for Christmas). Thus, for example, teamsof six or more coming from Australia will not be delayed in Beirut waiting for planes to comes from other places.

Here is the main itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Beirut, transfer to Damascus, dinner & overnight in Damascus. This would entail groups (of six or so) arriving on more or less the same plane and then being driven the 3 hour journey to Damascus to freshen up and wait for kick-off. Drivers wil take care of all paperwork, including  visas which would be completed long before arrival. I would need relevant details of participants long before that.

Day 2: Damascus City Tour. Damascus is the world’s oldest inhabited city and is replete with history. A life time, let alone a day, does not do it justice. Local volunteers will help with shopping and with visiting such places as the Ummayad Mosque, Straight Street and, subject to security, the Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque. The shopping is of interest as most goods are locally sourced. One of the reasons for this war to wipe Syria off the map is to replace all their spices, perfumes and hand crafted kitchen goods with a huge shopping mall of imported junk products and junk food, much as already has been done in the West Bank. Syria is just too independent and replete with history for some folk.

Day 3: Damascus-Maaloula-Damascus. Maaloula was always on every tour of Syria. However, NATO’s rebels, working on Turkey’s orders, have deliberately gutted the place. Some Australian groups have developed practical links with the town and will overnight there to help with financing and other important logistics. As Maaloula remains a military zone, we were the first “tourists” to reach it in years. It is worth a visit to see the level of depravity NATO and the Gulf States have lumbered Syria with and why no one should truck with these demons.

Day 4: Damascus-Adra-HomsKrak des Chevaliers.- Damascus. NATO’s rebels did severe damage to the Krak des Chevaliers World Heritage site. The moderate rebels baked locals  alive in Adra and they committed unspeakable atrocities, in which Western collaborators like Marie Colvin were fully complicit, in Homs before the Syrian Army sent them  packing. Much of Homs resembles Stalingrad after the Nazis, Germany’s equivalent of the moderate rebels, surrendered.

Day 5: St George’s Monastery, Valley of the Christians, Safita, Hama.  As NATO’s rebels get pummelled, they are now setting their sites on destroying these World Heritage sites. Safita was half Christian and half Alawi prior to the Genocide. Now, Sunnis, fleeing NATO’s moderate head hacking cannibal rebels, have flooded into it. Alawis and Christians cannot flee to rebel areas. The overwhelming majority of Syrians live in government-contorlled Syria. Almost all aid goes to the rebels who, as with Aleppo, Homs and Yarmouk, starve their human shields, may of whom they keep in cages, for which crimes they are allowed negotiate in Geneva and elsewhere. British newspapers approve of this treatement of “Assad loyalists” as the Indepedent puts it.

Day 6: Homs, Aleppo. The rocky road to Aleppo takes some time and is interesting in its own right  as we traverse the Syrian steppes with their bee hive houses. We have several partner schools there. Please note we hace given some small help to Aleppo and we have corroborating evidence of tghat. Please note there is zero evidence GOAL, Hand in Hand for Syria or similar outfits gave any of the tens of millions of dollars they got to Syrians in Aleppo.  GOAL refuse to operate in government-held Syria. They feel safer with the head hackers and cannibals of Idlib.

Day 7: Aleppo: NATO’s rebels did their best to destroy this town, whose defenders, such as the soldiers, prison warders and prisoners who defended its prison for years on end, are now the stuff of legends and about whom Hollywood would wax about them if they had been American and not being attacked by American-armed rebels. The people of Aleppo are now brushing off the dust and trying to start anew, Your dollars can help them. We stayed at a hotel beside the Hotel Baron where Charles De Gaulle and Agatha Christie stayed (but in separate rooms). We had been their first guests in five years.

Note: Hotel Baron (above) needs work and investment; its only resident is Mimi, the “Assad loyalist” cat, which is hunting down the rodents to make it as new. Our hotel, which was an education in resistance itself, less so.

Day 8: Aleppo-Saidnaya-Damascus. Saidnaya is a picture-postcard Christian town, which fended off over 30 attacks by the head-hacking, organ eating rebels. Without the help of Lebanese Muslim irregulars, this Christian town would have been over run, ransacked and looted by the Western-backed rebels.

Note: Above pictures taken in the Christian town of Saidnaya where they give the rebels the finger by parading pictures of their President along with the Madonna..

Day 9: Damascus: There is so much to do in Damascus. This allows us to wrap things up in an orderly way and plan for the next visit.

Day 10: Damascus-Beirut: The end, my friend.

Palmyra and other Attractions: These can be included once the Russian Army clears the last of the mines the rebels littered the place with.  Our plans include restarting the Syrian economy with the Syrians at the helm. NATO and the Gulf States, which caused this mess, are not part of the solution.

Me in a Sunni house in the Old City of Damascus. The guys in the photo are local Shias who paid the ultimate price to defend Damascus. One notices Syrians still have furniture and other stuff designed to last. Ikea and other predators don’t like that.

As part of their campaign to destroy Syria, NATO and the Gulf States have pulled out and dusted down all the old PR tricks. Syrian men and women in Ireland or elsewhere who milk the situation to advance both themselves and the NATO/GCC agenda are not the heroes, even if the media shamelessly parade them like prize pigs. The heroes are those who did not or could not run, as well as those whose lives have been ruined or lost by trying to flee. Syrians in Ireland or elsewhere who do not try to help their compatriots and those who defend them are no benefit to Syria or the countries they wormed their way into. There are Syrians in Ireland milking this situation for their own narrow ends and their narrow and selfish ends fit into the wider NATO agenda.

These children of Maaloula and their protectors in the Syrian Arab Army are the heroes of the piece, not PR puppets like Bana, who cannot speak English and who should be put into care to spare her from the abuse the Muslim Brotherhood murder gang put her through.

This little angel and others like her are the true victims. The rebels the West supports took a suicide bomb into her kindergarten the day after this photo was taken. She and her play mates are probably long dead now.

These great women lost their children defending the values we should all defend. The West never get worked up about them and are happy to see them, their children and their grands children gang raped and organ harvested.

We should defend and help them and these orphaned kids in Homs, who are brave enough to still give the finger to the rebels and those who support them


Irish Complicity in Syrian War Crimes

Mr Brendan Smith, TD., Chair,

Mr Noel Murphy, Clerk,

Foreign Affairs Committee

Houses of the Oireachtas

Dear Deputy Smith

We have just returned from another fact-finding visit to Syria and, as we will be returning there again at the end of October and again for Christmas, the invitation to you and to your more informed colleagues to visit secular Syria remains; as delegations have now gone to secular Syria from almost every other EU Parliament, the USA, whose air force is currently busily slaughtering Iraqi and Syrian civilians, will probably OK it.

During last week’s mass terrorist assault on Damascus, we were pinned down under heavy Saudi mortar and machine gun fire in the Old City of Damascus with the attached group of secular Syrian women who are bemused that, their sham feminism notwithstanding, some of your more unrepresentative and uninformed Committee members prattle as if they are de facto Islamic jihadist spokespeople ordered to blindly attack Russian diplomats, Syrian religious and civil society leaders and others infinitely more informed than they are on Syria. I respectfully think your Committee should look at that, as well as your hosting pro-terrorist front groups like the White Helmets (aka Al Qaeda’s undertakers) and how you have given credence to discredited groups like GOAL which has not only pumped tens of millions of dollars into al Qaeda controlled Syria, but which has also enabled terrorist facilitators to tour Ireland, the Oireachtas included. GOAL, along with some of your colleagues, have very serious charges to answer in relation to the ongoing genocide campaign the autocratic Gulf States are waging in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq and the sleeper cells they finance in Europe, Dublin’s north inner city included.

We also visited Aleppo where EU funded rebels threw scores of postal workers off buidngs and over which so many Irish crocodile tears were shed before Russian security forces sent its head hackers and cannibals packing to Idlib, which GOAL heavily subsidises but more of that when criminal prosecutions against GOAL begin. Because we, as the attached photo from Aleppo of acclaimed Australian artist Luke Cornish with Assyrian children shows, help the victims of Ireland’s death sanctions, our hands are infinitely cleaner than those of your more disreputable colleagues. We have no Syrian blood on our hands.

For our part, we will continue to lobby more open-minded TDs and senators from all the main political parties and Independent groups in the hope of bringing secular Syrian women wishing to remain in their homeland to Ireland to testify, even though giving them or any other Arab or Aramean secularists a platform is obviously anathema to those Irish citizens beholden to the Gulf States and/or the CIA.

Again, thank you and your more honest and open-minded colleagues for doing your duty and I hope that you can give Syria’s secular women an official, unpoisoned hearing. I am copying in some of my more open-minded local TDs as well as some of your Committee members who, along with the rest of us, must make the correct moral choices on Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

I have posted pictures of those secular Syrian women and children the West has betrayed along with a copy of this letter here.

Successful St Patrick’s Day Trip to Syria


The 2017 St Patrick’s day trip to the Syrian Arab Republic was by far the best and most successful of my seven trips there during the current Crisis. This is not only because we gave thousands of dollars to community groups in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Maloula and that I met the most wonderful people I have ever met but because we now have professional partners to make our next visit in late October an even bigger success.

The plan is to offer a 10 day 9 night trip for $450US from Beirut airport, to Beirut airport, visas, half board and accommodation included. Already there has been a significant sign up from Australia and the plan is to offer even greater financial and other help in the communities we visit. It is one part sightseeing, one part shopping and eight parts helping the Syrian religious and secular groups we are working with.

Those communities need your help. To date, more than 40,000 Christians have been murdered by the rebels and they, along with the rest of the Syrian people, rightly feel abandoned and betrayed by the West, which pumps money into rebel-held areas such as Idlib with the controversial Irish-based NGO GOAL pumping in a staggering $53 million dollars a year but refusing to send as much as a bread roll or streak of hairy bacon into government held areas where most Syrians and all secular Syrians live. One wonders quite why the Irish government is allowing this criminal collusion between Ireland and these sick sociopaths to happen with no one calling halt but some idiotic Irish politicians actually cheering on the genocide.

Although traversing Syria is like a journey through hell, the resilience of her people in the face of the most hieneous of crimes by those the Western NGOs subsidise is also inspiring. Though the women in the above picture faced nightly daily mortar and gun attacks while we were with them, they have been enduring it on a daily basis for seven years now and so no laurels should be put our way. They have also been forced to live under the  EU’s sanctions, which the Irish government supports and which have killed more Syrian children than even ISIS for the simplke reason that, as with Iraq and Yemen, the sanctions are designed to kill Syria and obliterate her people and her culture. One wonders quite why idiotic Irish politicians who applaud this criminal nihilism are not even held to  account, let alone jailed for terror tactics the Nazis pioneered.

Syria resembles Ireland’s darkest days of Cromwell and the Famine where an uncaring and cynical world watches as thousands drown in coffin ships as they flee the rebels and children freeze to death or die for want of basic medicines that Ireland has in opulent abundance.

As with Thackeray and the equally odious Trevelyan at the time of the Irish Famine, so also do Western journalists and policy makers, Irish muppets included, aid and abet the Syrian genocide and few of us rally to the flag of civilisation and humanity or kick against the pricks as St Paul put it.

The Syrian people are being left to their own devices. Old men, far beyond pensionable age, let alone military fighting age, are being forced to take up arms to defend their families against hordes of organ-eating, head-hacking mercenaries that belong in a Hollywood horror movie. And Ireland, like Hitler’s willing executioners, looks away.

Against this crimson tide stand the Syrian Arab Army and an as yet unbroken people, whose dignity in adversity puts us all to  shame.  Syria’s Christian communities, together with their  Druze and Muslim compatriots, must not carry this burden alone. We will be back for Halloween, for Christmas, for St Patrick’s Day 2018 and for however long it takes to end these grave crimes we have all been  made complicit in.

Photos: Secular Syrian women under bombardment in the  Old City of Damascus, fly the Irish and Syrian flags; Dora does Aleppo and Maaloula and Ossie artist Luke Cornish helps her bring joy to Syrian kids under rebel siege; Aleppo like Stalingrad on a bad day; children and their protectors in the Convent of St Thecla, Maaloula.

Next Trip: A 10 day 9 night trip for $450US from Beirut airport, to Beirut airport, visas, half board and accommodation included. A leading Syrian tour operator will be the primary organiser. More information will follow. Bookings will close in early September as a group visa system will operate.

Paddy’s Day in Syria: FAQ Update

Participants are arriving between Tuesday March 7 and Saturday March 11.

Taxis to Damascus have been arranged at a cost of about $110 equivalent for the three hour trip. Taxis have all your arrival times and names. I will send their phone numbers later.

Beirut Airport Taxis: The taxi drivers who stand by Beirut airport are their own mafia. They over charge. If you cannot avoid them haggle with them to get to the Beirut hotel. It’ll be $20-$25 for a $7 trip.

Beirut Hotels: The Assaha, Golden Plaza and Golden Tulip are all near the airport in case you cannot travel onward because of plane delays or whatever or if you need them on the way back. Damascus taxis can pick you up there.

Visa Charges to Syria: Cannot be avoided and will probably be steep. It is best paid in US$. You can withdraw up tgo $600 from the ATM in Beirut Airport.

Transport in Syria will be free.

Dama Rose Hotel: Is base camp in Damascus. It is a 5 star hotel we have at a special rate. Though much cheaper accommodation is available, a trade off between convenience, cost and security is needed.

Syrian Prices: Sanctions are causing Syrian prices to sky rocket so bear with that and a little discomfort.with the Syrians I work with being considerably cheaper on average.

Drivers: Will help with the paperwork between Beirut and Damascus.

Lebanon Exit Visa: Be sure to get the exit visa stamp from Lebanon to Syria. It saves a lot of hassle on the way back. Our designated drivers know the ropes.

Transit Caveats: The three hour road to Damascus is very safe and very heavily patrolled on both sides. The Lebanese side passes mostly through Shia, Christian and Druze areas. There are very many road checks on the Syrian side, which is probably the most secured road in the country.

Costs: Because of EU sanctions in support of the terrorists, the Syrian economy is on life support and those with hard currencies will find it very cheap.

Currencies: Lebanon uses the US $ inter changeably with its own currency. Beirut airport ATMs give US & Lebanese currencies. Syrian currency can be bought at the Syrian border or in Damascus.

Syrian Hotel Payments: Foreigners are required/expected to pay in hard currency.

No Visa/Debit/Credit Cards: As part of the EU’s sanctions in support of the terrorists, plastic does not work. Cash only.

What to Bring: Both travel and semi formal clothes. Pack a green tie/shirt/dress for the cameras. (Orange if you prefer). It gets cold at night.

Shopping/Tours: Syria needs your money. Tours or shopping can be arranged, preferably for a fee to the guides.

Danger Level: Damascus and environs are very safe. One of the saddest things about this extermination war is Syria was one of the world’s very safest countries before it was put on the hit list.

Bombs & Bullets: Very little, if any of this as the Syrian Army have continued to extend its safe zone.

Hot Zones: Special permission is needed from the Syrian military to go into war zones. These are not for everybody as serious business is afoot there.

Yarmouk Palestinian Camp: Is at a stalemate. It is possible to meet Palestinians on the Syrian side of the lines but, like others, they need material help more than compassionate tourists.

Internet/Wifi are available in hotel etc.

Sim Cards: Can be bought at special stores. Top ups are widely available. These may or may not be worth the hassle, depending on the length of your stay. I intend to reactivate mine.

Alcohol: is widely available in government-held Syria. NATO backed rebels murdered an 85 year old Christian in Idlib for selling booze. Syria is not the place to get sloshed.

Cigarettes: Syrians smoke much too much. The government’s plans to curb this revolting practice was put on ice as a result of the rebel invasion. The ability of ISIS to prohibit smoking leads one to ask how they could implement that very non Arab rule. Arabs have a big problem with smoking.

Shaking Hands: is another national addiction, large numbers of Muslim women excepted.In government-held Syria, religion hangs loosely on their shoulders and should just be respected on a mutual, non-aggressive basis.

Main Itinerary: Has been worked out. It divides into several time frames: up to an including Sunday march 12th, March 12-17, March `17-22. Specific details are best kept under wraps as the rebels loathe normality and wil attack if they can.

Syria’s Silent Genocide: St Patrick’s Day 2017

18,000 Syrian children have been organ-harvested in the last two years alone by Irish funded Syrian rebels on the Turkish border near to where our Paddy’s Day tour will end.
More Syrian Sanctions: are to be imposed by the USA, France and the world’s other toadies as Western ghouls crave yet more Syrian and Yemeni child corpses to harvest.
Controversial Irish NGO GOAL which pumps a whopping $50 million a year into rebel-held Syria is to merge with Oxfam. GOAL refuses to give as much as a penny roll or streak of hairy bacon to the heroic children of government-held Syria, who have endured thus far.
The Irish Road to Damascus: kicks off next week, with green-themed events in Damascus, Maloula, Saidnaya, Adra, Homs, Aleppo, Latakia and Kasab.  The West cried crocodile tears for Maloula, a Christian town which speaks Aramaic, Jesus’ language, until the rebels captured it and beheaded the local priests. In Adra, the rebels baked Alawi children alive in industrial ovens. In Homs, Irish backed rebels suicide bombed kindergartens the day after I stood outside them. In Latakia, the rebels kidnapped and organ harvested hundreds of  Alawi women and children. In Kasab, the rebels executed children in front of their mothers I met because they were “Armenian dogs.”
Green Lipstick for Tiny Corpses: Two world-renowned artists, who are joining us, will lead Syrian children in public art displays both to highlight their losses and to begin their very long road of catharsis under the watchful eyes of their unsung guardians who will continue to keep the ghouls at bay. The objectives here are to allow Syria’s women and children to tell their tales, and not to have Westerners acting as interlocutor.
St  Patrick’s Day 2017 in Syria: The objective is to highlight and to help Syria, not to engage in Paddywhackery, except in so far as that helps the mission.

St Patrick’s Day in Syria

Irish in Syria: Irish academics, medics, journalists and translators will return to government-held Syria for St Patrick’s Day, March 17th.

Non-Irish in Syria: The March 17th visit is open to all who want peace with justice and sovereignty in Syria, Yemen and beyond. Asians, Australasians and others have already signed up.

Syria in Ireland: Following the successful visit to Dublin of Syria’s religious and political leaders, we are now assembling appropriate support bodies in Ireland to ensure the Irish contribution to peace in Syria, Yemen and beyond continues.
Syrian Itinerary: The itinerary is built around solid building blocks: base camp in Damascus and environs and trips to “value added” places such as Aleppo and/or the Hama/Idlib border for those up to it.
Syrian Events: We visit Syria to further the Syrian Peace Process. Although such events as visiting the Ummayad Mosque (where John the Baptist, Dr al Bouti and Saladin are all entombed) or the (Hezbollah guarded) Zeinab shrine can be accommodated, the focus is on adding value, not on compassionate tourism per se.
Specific Syrian Events: These may be broken down into two parts: specific St Patrick’s Day stuff such as presenting shamrock and marching (both to highlight Syria’s plight and nothing to do with green beer or Dublin leprechaun ideology) and medical, academic and other “value added” events. 
Academic Atrocity Studies: Where better to gather “data” for and give academic papers on such things than Syria and Yemen, where NATO has made them everyday parts of life and death?
Adopt a Parish: This process has already begun. If you or yours wish to adopt a school (religious or secular), parish, whatever, that can be arranged through appropriate partners in Beirut. 
Academic Scholarships: The Japanese government, to its credit, has begun giving scholarships to Syrians in Lebanon. We want the same for the students and staff of universities in government-held Syria, many hundreds of whom have been murdered by our rebels.
Surgeons to Syria: We will have Irish surgeons operating on Syrian patients in Damascus on St Patrick’s Day.

Further Information: Email me for more information.

Syria: Genocide with a Smile

Although the British Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) are now collecting from the public for the very worthy cause of relief disaster in Yemen, I will not be giving anything to them and I encourage others not to give to them or to the UNHCR, who are up to the same tacky ruse.

I have two related reasons to play Scrooge and to encourage everyone else to do the same. The British government, which uses DEC as a fig leaf for its crimes, sells Saudi Arabia the bombs that are reducing Yemeni to penury. If the British stopped selling the Saudis bombs to murder people, DEC would go out of business. It is as simple as that. Unless they oppose their government’s arms deals, DEC are collaborators in murdering Yemeni. It is as simple as that.

The UNHCR case is even simpler. Because the Saudi regime, which is directly responsible for the mass murders in Yemen, chairs the UNHCR, that body can have no credibility and, like DEC, must be held to account for complicity in Saudi Arabia’s war crimes, as well as its own.

Although Saudi Arabia has been using British ordnance to slaughter Yemeni for over two years now, the usual suspects have yet to call for a no-fly zone or to attack their embassies, as they have done with Russia’s and Syria’s. Instead, they continue to focus our emotions on the plight of the Saudi and other foreigners who have invaded Syria and that the million male migrants of military age, who have been allowed to enter the European Union without appropriate documents.

Never mind that these same people have destroyed Syria (as well as Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and Libya). Never mind that they have poisoned the water supply to Damascus and blown up the dams and power stations which supplied it with heat. We must feel sorry for the perpetrators of these acts and not the victims.

The Hand in Hand for Syria group has been singing this death tune since the Syrian Crisis began and the BBC, Channel 4 and the rest of the British media gave them full reign to do this.  After they threatened to sue me over a short article I wrote about them, I expanded the original article into this 450+ page whopper. It is worth downloading.

Although it is a lengthy piece, it is worth reading to hear about  Janice Murphy, the Dubliner, who now calls herself Imajed, and who gave her body and then her soul to their unholy cause. As well as implicating  “personalities” like her and Dr Rola Halam, whose father is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s top capos, and former photojournalist and psychiatric case Paul Conroy, the piece also forensically examined their finances and asked a large number of questions about them and allied groups that as of yet remain unanswered.

Not only do all of those questions remain unanswered but Robert Stuart sent me the above photo which implies Hand in Hand for Syria have even more questions to answer. As do others, like British surgeon Richard Power, who also tried to intimidate me and who gets his own Rogues’ Gallery entry in this work, which features many of the Hand in Hand for Syria crew. That too is worth a download.

I mention Robert Stuart as he has forensically examined one of Hand in Hand for Syria’s most infamous publicity stunts in this detailed blog. Because the only implication one can take from his blog and/or from my piece on them is that Hand in Hand for Syria have the protection not only of the Muslim Brotherhood but also of MI6’s Dirty Tricks Dept, one has to ask if we should allow fraudulent groups like them into our schools as well as onto our TV news stations. Although my own opinion is that these people, along with their handlers, should be in prison, the intelligence community obviously disagrees and so Syrians continue to die.

Which brings us to the White Helmets, our next group of gangsters, which were the subject of this earlier post.

Although the White Helmets are an obvious fraud, Irish charity and NGO groups have to ask why they collaborated with them and why they practiced no due diligence before recommending them for the Nobel Peace Prize. GOAL, perhaps Ireland’s most controversial NGO, have at least the feeble excuse that they are paid tens of millions of dollars a year by USAID to propagate their line by such means as the discredited Caesar photos which GOAL brought to Ireland.

Although GOAL only supports terrorist controlled Syria, what excuse has Trócaire? Unless they support beheading Syrian soldiers, gang-raping Syrian women and press ganging Syrian children into armed, sectarian militias, Trócaire must disavow the White Helmets and pledge itself to those who use peaceful means and who do not act as undertakers to war criminals.

The combined efforts of these groups is to make us all complicit in the war crimes being committed with NATO ordnance in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria and Libya. These groups going into our schools to solicit funds from idealistic kids only compounds our complicity. Our Parliaments giving legitimacy to these crooks and our media outlets pimping for them  just makes matters worse for the people they pretend to help but actually help to murder and enslave.

It is time to end the emotional bribery and to end support to those who epitomise the problem, and will not the solution unless there is an easy buck in it for them.