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Dublin to Deir Ezzor

The photo above shows Fr Joseph Bali conducting a February 2018 service in Deir Ezzor which the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army recently liberated. The racist, sectarian graphic, which would be more at home in Nazi Germany, was included in a recent article, discussed below,  which quotes Ivana Bacik, an Irish Senator for the ward of Trinity College, her alma mater, where she holds a Professorship won by an internal examination. She has described these priests and prelates as Assadist apologists and has used that unsubstantiated charge to repeat the ignorant display she put on in front of the Russian Ambassador. Ms Bacik has refused on Irish national radio to go to Syria to educate herself about what is happening there.

Recent events in Dublin were a major success not least because Ireland for ISIS and their apologists failed to show up. More of that anon.