Syrian Arab Republic: Bring Back Their Kidnapped Girls: Wednesday 31 January 2018, Georgian Suite, Buswell’s 12-1pm

Thousands of Yezidi, Shia, Christian, Druze. Alawi and other children have been kidnapped as part of the sectarian wars being waged against the peoples of Syria. Many of these children have been dragooned into being rebel cannon fodder and many more have been sent into Turkey’s back-street chopping shops to be organ harvested. Some have been returned on foot of heavy ransom payments. This meeting uses two of the most egregious attacks on Syrian children as templates for all child victims of NATO’s war without mercy on the women and children of Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, Iraq, Palestine and Libya.

Deputies Clare Daly and Mick Wallace spoke in the 5 December Oireachtas Debate how they had visited the two schools that the rebels suicide bombed because they were secular, multi-cultural beacons of light and how they had met scores of survivors from the largely Shia villages of Foua and Kafraya, whose bus convoy was bombed, with over 100 fatalities and over 50 children kidnapped in the full glare of the world’s media. Most of those children are still missing. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney was so moved that he departed from his prepared script justifying Ireland’s complicity in war crimes in Syria and said that the Irish government would help secure the release of those children. Though the humanitarian motions of Deputies Daly and Wallace were supported, with amendments, by a large number of Deputies, Labour voted NATO’s way. This meeting is our attempt to hold Minister Coveney to his promise.

ChairMr George Galloway, former MP and well-known broadcaster.

Foua/KafrayaDr Abdul Mohsen, MD (KCL), FRCP, DTM&H; Homs (Akrama Schools)Dr Bashir Mohamad, Consultant Cardiologist.

Relics of the Dead Children: The schools in Homs have sent via DHL relics of their dead school children to friends in England Deputy Daly referred to in her 5 December speech. These relics include a Hello Kitty school bag with the young girl’s congealed blood on it. 

Bloody Sunday/Yemen/Ahed Tamimi Vigils and Marches

George Galloway leads a short 5pm vigil at the Talbot Street memorial to the Dublin and Monaghan bombs. This is followed by a candlelight procession to the GPO where speeches on Yemen and Syria will follow. Proceedings will conclude around 6pm by George Galloway leading us in singing Happy Birthday to Palestinian child prisoner Ahed Tamimi, who celebrates her birthday today on Wednesday 31st in an Israeli prison cell.

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