Slaughtering Syria’s Shia Children: Download Powerpoints


Above and below are PDFs of two Powerpoint talks prominent Syrian doctors give in Buswell’s Hotel Dublin at 12 pm 31 January, with Mr George Galloway chairing. The original files, as well as some supporting ones, may be downloaded at The talks and Powerpoints are on two of the most sickening war crimes committed in the course of the war on Syria. The speakers are prominent medics, one a cardiologist and the other  a surgeon. More to the point, they are relatives and neighbours of these kidnapped and slaughtered children.

There are a number of minor mistakes in these Powerpoints. It was, for example, not Deputy Coveney but Deputy Mick Wallace, who visited the two schools that were suicide bombed in Homs and who met the relatives of the slaughtered and kidnapped of Foua/Kafraya.

The results of the December 2017 votes in the Irish Parliament on death by sanctions may be seen here. The vote on the emasculating amendment, which specifically asked for the kidnapping of the children of Foua and Kafraya to be condemned, can be seen here.  Most deputies cannot even condemn slaughtering children and kidnapping the survivors.


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