Choctaw Nation: George Galloway on Ireland, Yemen, Palestine and Syria

America’s Choctaw Indians famously sent $170 to help the Irish during the 1847 “Famine”.  The Choctaw should demand their money back. Today, the Irish government are fully behind NATO sanctions on Syria and cannot even condemn the slaughter and kidnapping of children as young as three. They are fully behind the slaughter in Yemen and Syria and try to weasel out of the moral culpability by look over there shouts about “Assad”, “Iran”, “Hezbollah”, “Russia” or whatever else emanates from the brain boxes at the Pentagon.  Ireland is as culpable in 2018 as Trevelyan was in 1848.

Ireland’s doors remain as tightly shut in 2018 as the doors of Killarney, Kilkenny Dublin and Galway were when the dying stumbled into them in 1848. The refugee  policy, of allowing the favoured and connected few in while tightening the screws on the millions left behind, plays into NATO’s ethnic cleansing policy, which as turned large swathes of Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria and Syria into Dante’s lower layers of hell.

The schedule for January 31 with George Galloway is spelt out below in earlier posts: 12 noon-1pm in the Georgian Suite Buswells, 5pm at the Talbot Street memorial, 5.30 pm at the GPO to sing Happy Birthday to Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian woman the conscience of the world hides behind. It is not much. But it is a start.

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