Mr Galloway Goes to Dublin: Syria, Yemen, Palestine. Bloody Sundays: Wednesday 31 January, Ahed Tamimi’s Birthday

12 noon-1pm Buswell’s Hotel, Georgian Suite: Mass slaughter and mass kidnap of hundreds of Syrian children in Foua/Kafraya (2017), Latakia (2013), Hama (2015) and Homs (2014) by Irish-funded “rebel” savages. Relatives of the slaughtered and kidnapped give evidence; Mr Galloway chairs. Signed Copies of George’s books available
5pm: Talbot St Bomb Memorial:  George speaks on “unsolved” war crimes in Ireland, including Bloody Sunday Derry,  Bloody Sunday Dublin, Dublin/Monaghan bombs, Sean Treacy, Burgh Quay,  Eden Quay and Sackville Place. Wreath laying  at monument to those killed by “persons unknown” aka the FRU/Glenane “moderate rebel” Gang.
5.30 pm: GPO:  George speak on Ireland’s support for war crimes in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, where Ahed Tamimi  celebrates her 17th birthday as a prisoner on 31st.
6.15 PM: Proceedings conclude, for now. The EU’s murder machine continues in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen and Ahed Tamimi remains in an Israeli prison.
Mr George Galloway Goes to Dublin: Wednesday 31 January


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