Turkey’s Organ-Harvesting Chop-Shops: Dublin 31 January

​​ Mr Simon Coveney, TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs
25 Eanair 2018

Dear Minister Coveney
Because you promised to help rescue the 54 Syrian Shia children the White Helmets kidnapped, following their 15 April 2017 suicide bomb attack on their bus convoy evacuating Foua/Kafraya, we have a Wednesday 31 January Georgian Suite Buswell’s Hotel 12 noon-1pm meeting which Mr George Galloway, the broadcaster and former MP, will chair and which will be addressed by prominent Syrian surgeons from the besieged villages of Foua/Kafraya.
Evidence now indicates that these children, together with thousands of Yezidi and Alawi from Latakia, Idlib and Hama, are being held hostage in Turkey, the richer children for ransom and the rest to be chopped up for Turkey’s booming human organ harvesting trade, which is ten times more lucrative than Turkey’s massive tourism sector. As some 30,000 Turks are currently waiting for organ transplants and as 500,000 foreigners visit Turkey each year to avail of their cut price medical deals, the chop shops are kept busy with this insatiable demand, not only in Turkey but in and from Europe as well. Although human chop shops operate in India, Haiti, the Philippines and wherever poverty is rampant, Turkey’s are fat-tailed statistical outliers in the suspiciously high amount of (Syrian) cadavers available and the Ottomans’ penchant for the khazouk makes such abominations as organ harvesting of Ismaeli and Assyrians palatable to their mafia gangs.
Because Irish government funded NGOs like GOAL and Trócaire fund activities in the areas the kidnappers and organ harvesters control and because Mary Fitzgerald and other Irish journalists and politicians have worked closely with these criminals, we count on your officers to get them to throw light on these dark crimes.
Georgian Suite Buswell’s Hotel 12 noon-1pm 31 January. Syria, Turkey and Khazouk

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