Shia Genocide: Dublin 31 January and Derry 30 January Meetings

Slaughtering Syria’s Shias12 noon-1pm Georgian Suite,  Buswell’s Hotel. Relatives of murdered, maimed and kidnapped Shia children speak. Mr George Galloway chairs.
Stop Saudis Slaughtering Shias in Manchester, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria: Assemble 5.30 pm, Talbot  Street memorial for silent march and rally at GPO. George Galloway and other prominent speakers.
Syrian “Rebel” Child Snuff Video: Hacking off Shia heads: Ireland sends aid to these sectarian sociopaths.
Stop British and Irish arms firms colluding with Saudi Arabian war crimes in Yemen and Syria.
Dublin12 noon-1pm Georgian Suite,  Buswell’s Hotel 5.30 pm, Talbot  Street memorial. 6pm GPO

War Without End, War Without Mercy Derry 1972-Yemen 2018, Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya, Vietnam, East Timor, Nicaragua, Suez, Syria, Libya, El Salvador, Korea, Iraq, Libya………
Justice Permanently Delayed, Justice Permanently Denied: Derry, Ballymurphy, McGurk’s Bar, Miami Showband, Dublin, Monaghan, Yemen, Cyprus, Kenya, Iraq, Libya, Stardust, Grenfell, Hillsborough, The Sun, BBC, The Guardian, BBC, RTE, Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, McGurk’s Bar, Miami Showband, Dublin ……..

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