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Mr Simon Coveney, TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs.
15 Eanair 2018
A Aire, a chara
The three pictures above, together with the Oireachtas debate of 5th ult, initiated by Deputies Wallace and Daly, who accompanied me and ​Edward J. Horgan Commandant (retd.), BA, M.Phil, PhD, to the Syrian Arab Republic, refer. The child victims of the rebel terrorists we met in Homs, Aleppo, Maaloula, and Foua/Kafraya extend their thanks to you for the compassionate way in which you responded to Deputies Wallace, Daly, O’Sullivan and Connolly and their relatives, who Mr George Galloway and I host in Dublin on 31st inst, wish to thank you in person and explain to you what they, the victims of this rosary of tragedies, would like you and your government to do to help bring peace with justice to their homeland and closure to their families.
Although Deputies Wallace and Daly spoke well and spoke informatively in the debate, they could necessarily only give you but a smidgen of the hell those little children they met have endured. The blood on the Hello Kitty uniform is real: a little girl, together with her two little sisters, her mother and scores of her class mates bombed into eternity for some regime change nonsense or other the Irish government have shamefully signed up to. Women kept in kennels and prominent government-funded Irish aid organisations working with their captors and supposed Irish radicals issuing Oireachtas amendments on their behalf.
Deputy Brid Smith and the other self styled radicals of People Before Profit might be advised to avail of Commandant Horgan’s professional artillery expertise and personal experiences in Syria and elsewhere before submitting further amendments on behalf of non-Syrians who keep Syrian women in dog kennels in East Ghouta. On my March visit, some Irish journalists and I were, together with the long-suffering citizens of Damascus, under constant shell fire from these foreigners a few blocks away and I helped the Syrian authorities shovel the “rebels” little victims into body bags but that, for them, is by the way. As it is only a smidgen of what I have seen in Syria, it serves to show why those who have experienced war do not talk about it.  War is hell, which is where these Irish passport packing “combatants” who kidnapped these Shia children and blew scores more little toddlers into eternity belong.
Our central and only mission on January 31st is to get you, your government and your Oireachtas and other colleagues to help secure the release of the 54 Shia children who were kidnapped in the full glare of the media cameras from the Foua/Kafraya April 2017 bus convoy. As even People Before Profit purport to support this, maybe we can hope. It is, in some respects, a follow up of when we managed, without media fanfare, to return, with your help, a Syrian Palestinian baby refugee in a Turkish orphanage to his grandmother in Damascus and the Syrian delegation the Oireachtas hosted on 1 December 2016 specifically thanked Deputy Daly and Senator Norris for their efforts in that regard.
The issue to Deputies Wallace, Daly, O’Sullivan, Connolly, as well as to Mr Galloway and myself, along with very many others, is quite simple in its Manichaeism. We are on the side of the Syrian angels, pictured above with Deputy Daly and Commandant Horgan and, People Before Profit notwithstanding, we loathe the “rebels”, pictured above, parading Christian, Shia and Druze women in cages in East Ghouta. We think that you agree with us and that you too want to stand with these little angels against the vilest creatures humanity ever spawned.
Drs Mohsen and Mohammad, together with Mr Galloway, look forward to discussing these issues with you and/or your representatives on 31st inst.
Is mise
Declan Hayes, MA, MLitt, PhD, Asia

Shia Genocide: Dublin 31 January and Derry 30 January Meetings

Slaughtering Syria’s Shias12 noon-1pm Georgian Suite,  Buswell’s Hotel. Relatives of murdered, maimed and kidnapped Shia children speak. Mr George Galloway chairs.
Stop Saudis Slaughtering Shias in Manchester, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria: Assemble 5.30 pm, Talbot  Street memorial for silent march and rally at GPO. George Galloway and other prominent speakers.
Syrian “Rebel” Child Snuff Video: Hacking off Shia heads: Ireland sends aid to these sectarian sociopaths.
Stop British and Irish arms firms colluding with Saudi Arabian war crimes in Yemen and Syria.
Dublin12 noon-1pm Georgian Suite,  Buswell’s Hotel 5.30 pm, Talbot  Street memorial. 6pm GPO

War Without End, War Without Mercy Derry 1972-Yemen 2018, Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya, Vietnam, East Timor, Nicaragua, Suez, Syria, Libya, El Salvador, Korea, Iraq, Libya………
Justice Permanently Delayed, Justice Permanently Denied: Derry, Ballymurphy, McGurk’s Bar, Miami Showband, Dublin, Monaghan, Yemen, Cyprus, Kenya, Iraq, Libya, Stardust, Grenfell, Hillsborough, The Sun, BBC, The Guardian, BBC, RTE, Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, McGurk’s Bar, Miami Showband, Dublin ……..

War Crimes in the Irish and Arab Worlds. Dublin Events 31 January

1. Buswell’s Hotel, Georgian Room: 12 noon – 1pm. Dr Bashir Mohammad (Homs native) and Dr Abdul Mohsen (Foua/Kafraya native). Chair: Mr  George Galloway. This meeting details horrific war crimes committed against the relatives, neighbours and friends of these two medics, in particular the October 2014 suicide bomb attacks on secular schools in Homs and the April 20i7 suicide bomb attack on buses evacuating women, children and wounded from Foua/Kafraya and the concomitant kidnapping of 54 children from the convoy by EU and Irish supported rebel “combatants”.

2. March against Mass Murder: Assemble 5pm Talbot St memorial to Dublin/Monaghan bomb victims to march to GPO. Main Speaker: Mr George Galloway. Topic: Mass Murder from Dublin, Monaghan and Derry’s Bloody Sunday (30/1/72) to Palestine, Yemen, Libya and Syria. The regime forces which have never been held to account for the former are now committing worse crimes in the latter as the Irish, like citizens in Hitler’s Reich, looks silently on.

1a A Taste of Hell: These horrific war crimes are only a tiny sample of what the people of Syria and contiguous countries have been put through. Deputies Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are to be commended for being lone Parliamentary voices speaking up for these victims and Foreign Minister Simon Coveney is to be commended for twice departing from his prepared script and telling them that he and his government would assist in freeing those 54 children “as far as  is practicable”.

2a. Yemen is Naked Genocide: George Galloway is to be commended for agreeing to walk from the site of one war crime (Talbot St) to that of another (Sackville Place) on behalf of those who are being systematically exterminated in Arab Lands as part of the business models of EU arms and related industries.

Cowardice, Inhumanity and Rapine: Were explicitly condemned by James Connolly and Patrick Pearse in the 1916 Proclamation and, implicitly, by Roger Casement who exposed European barbarities in the Congo. These ongoing barbarities are the hallmarks of the “rebels” in Syria and of their allies in Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen and the Congo where the usual suspects continue their cowardly, inhumane and rapacious trades as before.

Those who march with George Galloway on 31 January are not only on the side of the angels but on the side of the steadfast people of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and all the people of the Arab Lands who suffer barbarities designed only to enrich the Tony Blairs and other King Leopolds of our day.

Dr Declan Hayes