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Saudi Arabia out of Syria, Yemen and Ireland

Saudi Arabia out of Ireland: Protest at the Saudi Embassy in Dublin, Wednesday 13th December 1pm: to protest Saudi Arabia’s genocide policies against the people of Syria and Yemen, who are being systematically starved to death as we were in 1847. Saudi Arabia, which chops off more heads every year than ISIS do, fund terror world wide, Ireland included. Close their embassy. Kick the head hackers out. Mick Wallace TD slams Irish collusion with Saudi and EU war crimes in Syria and Yemen. Speech on Syrian sanctions here. Clare Daly TD slams Irish collusion with Saudi and EU war crimes in Syria and Yemen and makes good on her Syrian pledges. Speech on Syrian sanctions here.
I warned Simon Coveney, who listened to both the Wallace and Daly speeches, about Abdullah Issa’s Irish-linked killers who were feted as head-hacking heroes in Tipperary and in Dublin by the Green and Labour Parties. (See 2nd column above of  Debbie McCann’s expose)  Mary Fitzgerald, who has sung ISIS’ praises on countless occasions, reported in the Irish Times of May 24, Suicide Bomber Terry Kelly’s Muslim Brotherhood mob attack on Dublin’s Belgian Embassy. Mary Fitzgerald and Pat Kenny have also consistently supported CIA funded Dubliner Mahdi al-Harati and his Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), who did the London and Manchester bombings and numerous war crimes in Syria and Libya and who now run slave auctions in Libya and who even MI6 now admit are ISIS affiliates.
GOAL: cannot account for where their hundreds of euro millions ended up in Syria for the simple reason they sent it, less “expenses”, into head hacking, organ eating, child raping Caliphates. GOAL, OXFAM and others should be kicked bag and baggage out of Ireland and their ring leaders, past and present, arrested. More Information and detail at
Salesian Sr Bridget Doody: was here on RTE’s Drivetime on 8th December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the 95th anniversary of the shocking events in Mountjoy Prison we still live with. Sr Bridget proved herself a credit to God, to the Salesians, to Abbeyfeale and to Killeedy, whose accent and value system she has retained despite over half a century preserving Ireland’s good name in Egypt and the Syrian Arab Republic.
New NGO:  aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to the people of the Arab lands has been incorporated. Email for information.