Slaughtering Syria’s Shias – Tipperary’s Take?

Dear Mr Martin Quinn of the “Tipperary” Peace Foundation

Please answer in detail the following so that we may update our files.

1. Who funds the “Tipperary” Peace Convention?

2. Who funded the security details for Mr John Kerry and other high-profile American winners of “your” prize?

3. Was the money you raised from the raffle to spend two nights’ B&B (mid-week) at the Clonmel Park Hotel, Tipperary, which you advertised on 25 January and again on 17 May, enough to cover the massive bills or had you a chicken raffle as well? When, if ever, will you announce the winner(s)?

4. What is your relationship with the Unification Church’s (Moonies’) Global Peace Convention and with Dr Tony Devine, one of their main operatives? Why are you its only European branch?

6. Do the Moonies fund your group? Do they help to choose the short list for your prize? If not, why not?

7. Who chooses the short list? What are their professional or other qualifications to do so?

8. By what authority do you accept that the White Helmets are worthy winners of your prize?

9. Should Russophobes award peace prizes?

10. Given your own rabid Russophobia, do you think paid lobbyists like Anna Nolan or NATO countries implicated in destroying Syria are credible or partisan sources?

11. Was it the work of Carl Sunstein, Samantha Power’s husband, on conspiracy theories, or the advice of Anna Nolan’s employers that got you to dismiss the overwhelming evidence implicating the White Helmets as the war criminals that they are?

11. Will you accompany us to the Syrian Arab Republic in October, at Christmas and/or at Easter to explain in person your collusion against them to the Syrian people? If not, why not?

12. Now that the Syrian Arab Army has broken the siege of Deir Ezzor, and the British, Jordanians, Qataris and Turks have all folded, do the Tipperary Moonies intend to be the last Syrian terrorist apologists standing?

Dr Declan Hayes

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  1. Hi
    could you provide a solid link between the Tipperary Peace Convention and the Global Peace Foundation?

    Dome by email. Told him to do a word search on

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