Answer Senator Dick Black’s Nine Simple Questions

War against Syria is illegal under laws of warfare.  Ask people to answer these questions—they can’t:

  1. Pres. Assad is winning the war on all fronts; why would he enrage the world just to kill a handful of civilians?
  1. If Syria used chemical weapons, why wouldn’t they use them against armored formations or against heavily entrenched terrorists, instead of killing a handful of women and kids?
  1. If Syria planned on committing an irrational gas attack, why did they give the U.S. air authorities advance notice according to protocols?
  1. Why do we think the gas was in Syrian bombs and not in chemical weapons stored in the terrorists’ warehouse?Syrians bombing may have caused leaking in ISIS/al Qaeda shells or mines.
  1. If anyone doubts the terrorists have poison gas, on September 30, 2016, didn’t the U.S. launch a massive attack with B-52s against a large ISIS poison gas facility in Mosul?[See:].
  1. Why did ISIS immediately follow the U.S. air attack with a coordinated ground attack?Who gave them advance notice of the pending U.S. attack?
  1. Why did the U.S. rely on terrorists to provide evidence of the attack?The White Helmets are clearly part of al Qaeda.  Should the U.S. base military decisions on the word of terrorists who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11?
  1. The Syrian Observatory for Human Right, based in London is funded by British intelligence, MI-6.  Why are we relaying on a notoriously deceitful propaganda mill for our decisions?
  1. Look who’s celebrating:  John McCain and Lindsay Graham; Hillary Clinton; ISIS.  Doesn’t that tell you which side we’re on?

Warm Regards,

Richard H. Black

Senator of Virginia, 13th District

(703) 468-1342

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