Irish Complicity in Syrian War Crimes

Mr Brendan Smith, TD., Chair,

Mr Noel Murphy, Clerk,

Foreign Affairs Committee

Houses of the Oireachtas

Dear Deputy Smith

We have just returned from another fact-finding visit to Syria and, as we will be returning there again at the end of October and again for Christmas, the invitation to you and to your more informed colleagues to visit secular Syria remains; as delegations have now gone to secular Syria from almost every other EU Parliament, the USA, whose air force is currently busily slaughtering Iraqi and Syrian civilians, will probably OK it.

During last week’s mass terrorist assault on Damascus, we were pinned down under heavy Saudi mortar and machine gun fire in the Old City of Damascus with the attached group of secular Syrian women who are bemused that, their sham feminism notwithstanding, some of your more unrepresentative and uninformed Committee members prattle as if they are de facto Islamic jihadist spokespeople ordered to blindly attack Russian diplomats, Syrian religious and civil society leaders and others infinitely more informed than they are on Syria. I respectfully think your Committee should look at that, as well as your hosting pro-terrorist front groups like the White Helmets (aka Al Qaeda’s undertakers) and how you have given credence to discredited groups like GOAL which has not only pumped tens of millions of dollars into al Qaeda controlled Syria, but which has also enabled terrorist facilitators to tour Ireland, the Oireachtas included. GOAL, along with some of your colleagues, have very serious charges to answer in relation to the ongoing genocide campaign the autocratic Gulf States are waging in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq and the sleeper cells they finance in Europe, Dublin’s north inner city included.

We also visited Aleppo where EU funded rebels threw scores of postal workers off buidngs and over which so many Irish crocodile tears were shed before Russian security forces sent its head hackers and cannibals packing to Idlib, which GOAL heavily subsidises but more of that when criminal prosecutions against GOAL begin. Because we, as the attached photo from Aleppo of acclaimed Australian artist Luke Cornish with Assyrian children shows, help the victims of Ireland’s death sanctions, our hands are infinitely cleaner than those of your more disreputable colleagues. We have no Syrian blood on our hands.

For our part, we will continue to lobby more open-minded TDs and senators from all the main political parties and Independent groups in the hope of bringing secular Syrian women wishing to remain in their homeland to Ireland to testify, even though giving them or any other Arab or Aramean secularists a platform is obviously anathema to those Irish citizens beholden to the Gulf States and/or the CIA.

Again, thank you and your more honest and open-minded colleagues for doing your duty and I hope that you can give Syria’s secular women an official, unpoisoned hearing. I am copying in some of my more open-minded local TDs as well as some of your Committee members who, along with the rest of us, must make the correct moral choices on Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

I have posted pictures of those secular Syrian women and children the West has betrayed along with a copy of this letter here.

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