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Syria’s Silent Genocide: St Patrick’s Day 2017

18,000 Syrian children have been organ-harvested in the last two years alone by Irish funded Syrian rebels on the Turkish border near to where our Paddy’s Day tour will end.
More Syrian Sanctions: are to be imposed by the USA, France and the world’s other toadies as Western ghouls crave yet more Syrian and Yemeni child corpses to harvest.
Controversial Irish NGO GOAL which pumps a whopping $50 million a year into rebel-held Syria is to merge with Oxfam. GOAL refuses to give as much as a penny roll or streak of hairy bacon to the heroic children of government-held Syria, who have endured thus far.
The Irish Road to Damascus: kicks off next week, with green-themed events in Damascus, Maloula, Saidnaya, Adra, Homs, Aleppo, Latakia and Kasab.  The West cried crocodile tears for Maloula, a Christian town which speaks Aramaic, Jesus’ language, until the rebels captured it and beheaded the local priests. In Adra, the rebels baked Alawi children alive in industrial ovens. In Homs, Irish backed rebels suicide bombed kindergartens the day after I stood outside them. In Latakia, the rebels kidnapped and organ harvested hundreds of  Alawi women and children. In Kasab, the rebels executed children in front of their mothers I met because they were “Armenian dogs.”
Green Lipstick for Tiny Corpses: Two world-renowned artists, who are joining us, will lead Syrian children in public art displays both to highlight their losses and to begin their very long road of catharsis under the watchful eyes of their unsung guardians who will continue to keep the ghouls at bay. The objectives here are to allow Syria’s women and children to tell their tales, and not to have Westerners acting as interlocutor.
St  Patrick’s Day 2017 in Syria: The objective is to highlight and to help Syria, not to engage in Paddywhackery, except in so far as that helps the mission.