St Patrick’s Day in Syria

Irish in Syria: Irish academics, medics, journalists and translators will return to government-held Syria for St Patrick’s Day, March 17th.

Non-Irish in Syria: The March 17th visit is open to all who want peace with justice and sovereignty in Syria, Yemen and beyond. Asians, Australasians and others have already signed up.

Syria in Ireland: Following the successful visit to Dublin of Syria’s religious and political leaders, we are now assembling appropriate support bodies in Ireland to ensure the Irish contribution to peace in Syria, Yemen and beyond continues.
Syrian Itinerary: The itinerary is built around solid building blocks: base camp in Damascus and environs and trips to “value added” places such as Aleppo and/or the Hama/Idlib border for those up to it.
Syrian Events: We visit Syria to further the Syrian Peace Process. Although such events as visiting the Ummayad Mosque (where John the Baptist, Dr al Bouti and Saladin are all entombed) or the (Hezbollah guarded) Zeinab shrine can be accommodated, the focus is on adding value, not on compassionate tourism per se.
Specific Syrian Events: These may be broken down into two parts: specific St Patrick’s Day stuff such as presenting shamrock and marching (both to highlight Syria’s plight and nothing to do with green beer or Dublin leprechaun ideology) and medical, academic and other “value added” events. 
Academic Atrocity Studies: Where better to gather “data” for and give academic papers on such things than Syria and Yemen, where NATO has made them everyday parts of life and death?
Adopt a Parish: This process has already begun. If you or yours wish to adopt a school (religious or secular), parish, whatever, that can be arranged through appropriate partners in Beirut. 
Academic Scholarships: The Japanese government, to its credit, has begun giving scholarships to Syrians in Lebanon. We want the same for the students and staff of universities in government-held Syria, many hundreds of whom have been murdered by our rebels.
Surgeons to Syria: We will have Irish surgeons operating on Syrian patients in Damascus on St Patrick’s Day.

Further Information: Email me for more information.

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  1. “Following the successful visit to Dublin of Syria’s religious and political leaders..” ??WHAT?? those Syrian animals were shown who rule Ireland. Dr Ali Selim spoke for all of us on national TV by saying we support the Islamic revolutions. Next time we will cut their heads off and yours too, your mother is a Christian whore haha. There is still an Islamic revolution going on in Syria and we are bringing it to Ireland. Takbīr! Allāhu akbar!تَكْبِير الله أكبر
    Author: Lukasz (IP:,

    This post has been slightly modified to tone it down. Of course, scum like him will not deter anyone.

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