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St Patrick’s Day in Syria

Irish in Syria: Irish academics, medics, journalists and translators will return to government-held Syria for St Patrick’s Day, March 17th.

Non-Irish in Syria: The March 17th visit is open to all who want peace with justice and sovereignty in Syria, Yemen and beyond. Asians, Australasians and others have already signed up.

Syria in Ireland: Following the successful visit to Dublin of Syria’s religious and political leaders, we are now assembling appropriate support bodies in Ireland to ensure the Irish contribution to peace in Syria, Yemen and beyond continues.
Syrian Itinerary: The itinerary is built around solid building blocks: base camp in Damascus and environs and trips to “value added” places such as Aleppo and/or the Hama/Idlib border for those up to it.
Syrian Events: We visit Syria to further the Syrian Peace Process. Although such events as visiting the Ummayad Mosque (where John the Baptist, Dr al Bouti and Saladin are all entombed) or the (Hezbollah guarded) Zeinab shrine can be accommodated, the focus is on adding value, not on compassionate tourism per se.
Specific Syrian Events: These may be broken down into two parts: specific St Patrick’s Day stuff such as presenting shamrock and marching (both to highlight Syria’s plight and nothing to do with green beer or Dublin leprechaun ideology) and medical, academic and other “value added” events. 
Academic Atrocity Studies: Where better to gather “data” for and give academic papers on such things than Syria and Yemen, where NATO has made them everyday parts of life and death?
Adopt a Parish: This process has already begun. If you or yours wish to adopt a school (religious or secular), parish, whatever, that can be arranged through appropriate partners in Beirut. 
Academic Scholarships: The Japanese government, to its credit, has begun giving scholarships to Syrians in Lebanon. We want the same for the students and staff of universities in government-held Syria, many hundreds of whom have been murdered by our rebels.
Surgeons to Syria: We will have Irish surgeons operating on Syrian patients in Damascus on St Patrick’s Day.

Further Information: Email me for more information.

Syria: Genocide with a Smile

Although the British Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) are now collecting from the public for the very worthy cause of relief disaster in Yemen, I will not be giving anything to them and I encourage others not to give to them or to the UNHCR, who are up to the same tacky ruse.

I have two related reasons to play Scrooge and to encourage everyone else to do the same. The British government, which uses DEC as a fig leaf for its crimes, sells Saudi Arabia the bombs that are reducing Yemeni to penury. If the British stopped selling the Saudis bombs to murder people, DEC would go out of business. It is as simple as that. Unless they oppose their government’s arms deals, DEC are collaborators in murdering Yemeni. It is as simple as that.

The UNHCR case is even simpler. Because the Saudi regime, which is directly responsible for the mass murders in Yemen, chairs the UNHCR, that body can have no credibility and, like DEC, must be held to account for complicity in Saudi Arabia’s war crimes, as well as its own.

Although Saudi Arabia has been using British ordnance to slaughter Yemeni for over two years now, the usual suspects have yet to call for a no-fly zone or to attack their embassies, as they have done with Russia’s and Syria’s. Instead, they continue to focus our emotions on the plight of the Saudi and other foreigners who have invaded Syria and that the million male migrants of military age, who have been allowed to enter the European Union without appropriate documents.

Never mind that these same people have destroyed Syria (as well as Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and Libya). Never mind that they have poisoned the water supply to Damascus and blown up the dams and power stations which supplied it with heat. We must feel sorry for the perpetrators of these acts and not the victims.

The Hand in Hand for Syria group has been singing this death tune since the Syrian Crisis began and the BBC, Channel 4 and the rest of the British media gave them full reign to do this.  After they threatened to sue me over a short article I wrote about them, I expanded the original article into this 450+ page whopper. It is worth downloading.

Although it is a lengthy piece, it is worth reading to hear about  Janice Murphy, the Dubliner, who now calls herself Imajed, and who gave her body and then her soul to their unholy cause. As well as implicating  “personalities” like her and Dr Rola Halam, whose father is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s top capos, and former photojournalist and psychiatric case Paul Conroy, the piece also forensically examined their finances and asked a large number of questions about them and allied groups that as of yet remain unanswered.

Not only do all of those questions remain unanswered but Robert Stuart sent me the above photo which implies Hand in Hand for Syria have even more questions to answer. As do others, like British surgeon Richard Power, who also tried to intimidate me and who gets his own Rogues’ Gallery entry in this work, which features many of the Hand in Hand for Syria crew. That too is worth a download.

I mention Robert Stuart as he has forensically examined one of Hand in Hand for Syria’s most infamous publicity stunts in this detailed blog. Because the only implication one can take from his blog and/or from my piece on them is that Hand in Hand for Syria have the protection not only of the Muslim Brotherhood but also of MI6’s Dirty Tricks Dept, one has to ask if we should allow fraudulent groups like them into our schools as well as onto our TV news stations. Although my own opinion is that these people, along with their handlers, should be in prison, the intelligence community obviously disagrees and so Syrians continue to die.

Which brings us to the White Helmets, our next group of gangsters, which were the subject of this earlier post.

Although the White Helmets are an obvious fraud, Irish charity and NGO groups have to ask why they collaborated with them and why they practiced no due diligence before recommending them for the Nobel Peace Prize. GOAL, perhaps Ireland’s most controversial NGO, have at least the feeble excuse that they are paid tens of millions of dollars a year by USAID to propagate their line by such means as the discredited Caesar photos which GOAL brought to Ireland.

Although GOAL only supports terrorist controlled Syria, what excuse has Trócaire? Unless they support beheading Syrian soldiers, gang-raping Syrian women and press ganging Syrian children into armed, sectarian militias, Trócaire must disavow the White Helmets and pledge itself to those who use peaceful means and who do not act as undertakers to war criminals.

The combined efforts of these groups is to make us all complicit in the war crimes being committed with NATO ordnance in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria and Libya. These groups going into our schools to solicit funds from idealistic kids only compounds our complicity. Our Parliaments giving legitimacy to these crooks and our media outlets pimping for them  just makes matters worse for the people they pretend to help but actually help to murder and enslave.

It is time to end the emotional bribery and to end support to those who epitomise the problem, and will not the solution unless there is an easy buck in it for them.

Syria’s Water Wars, Irish Nazis & the White Helmets Murder Gang

Syria’s Water, Irish Fascism & the White Helmets Murder Gang

Just before Christmas 2016, NATO’s Syrian rebels threw thousands of tonnes of diesel into Damascus’ water reservoirs before blowing up the wells to divert the water into nearby rivers, which immediately flooded. The result of this war crime is that the 5 million civilians of Damascus have been without water since then.

Mothers do not have water for their babies, hospitals do not have clean water and, incredibly, Irish aid organisations are directly complicit in this war crime by giving succour to the White Helmets who, as the above letter shows, have given their imprimatur to this war crime.

The White Helmets themselves are a NATO funded ISIS auxiliary force, the worst of the Black and Tans with the best PR agents and crocodile smiles Gulf State money can buy. Even though not a single one of the 100,000 civilian hostages rescued from East Aleppo had ever heard of them, let alone seen the White Helmets in action, Western organisations paid this al Nusra and ISIS affiliated group tens of millions of dollars supposedly to rescue women and children, with USAID alone paying them a whopping $23 million to spread their fictions and their bile

Such was the mega hype around this fraudulent group that brain-dead Hollywood actors, British MPs and Irish aid organisations all heavily pimped them for the Nobel Peace Prize – despite their documented serial collusion in al Nusra’s war crimes and despite there being no independent evidence of them ever having performed even one rescue mission.

Irish groups which supported these war criminals’ attempts to win the Nobel Peace Prize include GOAL, Trócaire and the Irish branch of Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Controversial Irish journalist Mary Fitzgerald has predictably been unstinting in her praise of this gangster group, which has even been allowed address the Irish Parliament on more than one occasion.

The Irish edition of the Daily Mirror even says the main thing Irish people can do to help Syria is to donate to the White Helmets, a group which acts as al Nusra’s undertakers and which thinks poisoning the water supply for Damascus, which has a population akin to that of the entire island of Ireland, is an acceptable tactic, whereas such barbarities have always been regarded as the war crimes that they are.

The Daily Mirror is wrong. The worst thing Irish people can do is to support terror groups like the White Helmets. The best thing they can do is to do their humanitarian duty and oppose them and all in Ireland who give them succour. If that includes Trócaire as well as GOAL and Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF), so be it. If they lie down with these dogs, they have fleas that decent Irish people do not need.