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Dr Declan Hayes: My Fight for Syrian Freedom

  • Thank you for paying for my heart operation, Mr Irishman. You have saved my life: Ms Waad el Shom, aged 6, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you for all the fine work you are doing to save Syria. We were able to give the mothers a double ration of baby powder milk this week because of your generous donation: Sr Bridget Doody, Italian Hospital, Damascus.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to our kindergarten. It helped us to buy fuel over the winter so less children died from the cold: Fr Taufiq Eid, parish priest, Maaloula, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to our school. It helped us to pay for counseling for the children who survived the double suicide bombing attack on them: Ms Fatima Al Hussain, Principal, Akrameh al-Makhzum School, Homs, Syria.

  • Thank you, Dr Hayes, for paying for me to go to Turkey to bring Gafar Azouz, my sole surviving grandson, back to Damascus after our entire family were murdered trying to cross the border: Ms Hagar Saleh, Damascus.

  1. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work on behalf of the people of Syria: His Beatitude, Patriarch Gregorios Laham, Global Leader of the Greek Catholic Church.

  • You are a special person, a true warrior in The Army of God: Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, Palestinian national hero.

  • You have done the people of Syria a great service. May God bless you forever: His Holiness, Patriarch Ignatius Ephraim, Global Leader of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

  • I thank the Irish citizen, Dr. Declan Hayes, who visited us in Syria. He visited my house and wrote a book about that. He swore that he would let my voice be heard. I thank Declan for that: His Grace, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Grand Mufti of Syria. Oireachtas Joint and Select Committees, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Thank you for your generous donation to our school in Aleppo and for the equipment you donated to our church in Damascus: Fr Joseph Bali, Syriac Orthodox Church.

  • Thanks, Declan, for visiting the survivors of the ambush on our (Shia) children at al-Rashideen, which killed over 90 of our children and where 54 more were kidnapped and remain missing. Thank you also for your generous financial support: Dr Ali Mohsen, Zeinab Shrine, Damascus.

  • Irish peace activist Dr. Declan Hayes believes that the mercenary brigades running amok in Syria for the past five years have been directed by Western military intelligence, the American CIA and British MI6, along with Turk intelligence: Finian Cunningham, Sputnik News.

  • Thank you, Declan, for your generous donation to our hospital. We need a lot more money and support if we are to save more little lives. Please do your best and get more people to help, not for my sake but for the sake of our little patients who will otherwise die: Surgeon Dr Mohammad Younes, Dar El Shefaa Hospital, Damascus.

  • Dr Hayes not only has a profound grasp of the Armenian genocide and the debt Armenians owe their Syrian saviors but he is able to plant it firmly within the context of the current war being waged against the Syrian people: Armenian Ambassador to Syria, His Excellency, Arshak Poladian.

  • We were welcomed in Damascus by Dr. Declan Hayes. I would take this opportunity to thank him for his central role in conceiving this project and bringing it to fruition: Mairéad Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate.

  • It was instructive to discuss the reconstruction of Syria today with the Irish academic, Dr Declan Hayes: Kamal Eddin Touma, Minister of Industry, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Thank you, Declan, for running courses free of charge for us and for giving your valuable academic advice to our graduate students: Prof. Dr. Raslan Khaddour, Dean of Economics Faculty, Damascus University.

  • Declan Hayes is a witness for the terrible things that have been done to my tribe and to my people: Mhd Deeb Al Youssef, Member of People’s Assembly, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Dr Declan Hayes has proved himself to be a true and consistent friend of the Syrian people in their time of need: Eng. Beshr Yazji, Minister of Tourism, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • The assistance Dr Declan Hayes has given us at Damascus University is both necessary and highly appreciated: Atef Naddaf, Higher Education Minister, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • The work of Dr Declan Hayes is essential reading to grasp the enormity of the crimes being committed against the Syrian people: Wael Nader al-Halqi, former Syrian Prime Minister, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Dear Dr. Hayes: Thank you for disclosing the hidden truth about the Syrian War. It was never an “uprising;” its origins lay with the CIA, MI-6 and the host of vultures intent on destroying the Syrian people and ripping the flesh from their dead carcasses. Hundreds of billions were spent to topple the duly-elected government of Syria. Though small in numbers, Syria proved to be one of the world’s most stable, tenacious nations. Its army has fought with astounding gallantry and success against two-thirds of the world’s mightiest industrial and military powers. The multibillion-dollar propaganda campaign that western powers waged against Syria has deceived people. While reporting that America, France and Great Britain supported “moderate rebels, fighting for democracy,” our nations actually allied themselves with the world’s most brutal tyrants; the dictators of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. Together, we supported hideous barbarians, who raped, beheaded, burned and crucified incredible numbers—then bragged openly of it by publishing videos of their atrocities. The West reacted as if by saying, “Move along now. Nothing to see here. Get along now with you!” Yet our penniless army of bulldog journalists like you has become a most vexing irritant to the vicious coalition we are leading in our effort to topple Syria. But the fight goes on. Please keep up the fight to defend Syria. Millions of Christians, Alawites and other Syrians depend on us for their survival. May God bless you and your work: Senator Richard H. Black, USA.

  • Declan Hayes is a notorious Assad supporter: Huge Gye, The Sun.

  • A dangerous extremist: The Sunday Times.

  • A controversial academic who writes for a think-tank run by a Vladimir Putin ally: Mail on Sunday.

  • An Assad apologist… on an Interpol watchlist: Mail on Sunday.

  • Assad and Putin apologist Declan Hayes: James Bickerton, political editor of Backbencher.

  • An alleged member of a Putin-linked policy group: Daily Mail.

  • Dangerous Assad apologist: Sunday Express.

  • An apologist for tyrant Bashar Assad: Marco Giannangeli, Sunday Express.

  • A dangerous extremist: Sunday Express.

  • The fact that the leader of the (British) opposition was getting advice from someone (Hayes) who is peddling the Russian story is worrying and distressing: Col Hamish de Bretton Gordon.

  • Hayes’ views on the merits of Nato and Western values, and the democratic freedoms that Nato seeks to protect, will not give any comfort to those whose duty it is to protect the UK. Frankly, it’s dangerous: Crispin Blunt, MP.

  • Some of Declan Hayes’ views on the situation in Syria tend to be very one-sided, so some of what he says and writes should be treated with caution: Commandant Edward Horgan, former military commander of Portlaoise Prison, Ireland.

  • Regime supporter Declan Hayes …said he was proud to have spent the last three months with the Syrian Arab Army: Mark Boothroyd, British terrorist groupie.

  •  Declan Hayes, a notorious Assad apologist: Order-order, a notorious far-right website.




Dublin to Deir Ezzor

The photo above shows Fr Joseph Bali conducting a February 2018 service in Deir Ezzor which the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army recently liberated. The racist, sectarian graphic, which would be more at home in Nazi Germany, was included in a recent article, discussed below,  which quotes Ivana Bacik, an Irish Senator for the ward of Trinity College, her alma mater, where she holds a Professorship won by an internal examination. She has described these priests and prelates as Assadist apologists and has used that unsubstantiated charge to repeat the ignorant display she put on in front of the Russian Ambassador. Ms Bacik has refused on Irish national radio to go to Syria to educate herself about what is happening there.

Recent events in Dublin were a major success not least because Ireland for ISIS and their apologists failed to show up. More of that anon.


Foua/Kafraya- Amended Presentations

The Powerpoint slides for the April 2017  Foua/Kafraysa slides have been amended. They may be downloaded from the in both PPT and PDF format. Here it is and the Homs schools’ one is again appended below it.

Buswell’s Hotel, 12 noon to 1 pm.






Syrian Arab Republic: Bring Back Their Kidnapped Girls: Wednesday 31 January 2018, Georgian Suite, Buswell’s 12-1pm

Thousands of Yezidi, Shia, Christian, Druze. Alawi and other children have been kidnapped as part of the sectarian wars being waged against the peoples of Syria. Many of these children have been dragooned into being rebel cannon fodder and many more have been sent into Turkey’s back-street chopping shops to be organ harvested. Some have been returned on foot of heavy ransom payments. This meeting uses two of the most egregious attacks on Syrian children as templates for all child victims of NATO’s war without mercy on the women and children of Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, Iraq, Palestine and Libya.

Deputies Clare Daly and Mick Wallace spoke in the 5 December Oireachtas Debate how they had visited the two schools that the rebels suicide bombed because they were secular, multi-cultural beacons of light and how they had met scores of survivors from the largely Shia villages of Foua and Kafraya, whose bus convoy was bombed, with over 100 fatalities and over 50 children kidnapped in the full glare of the world’s media. Most of those children are still missing. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney was so moved that he departed from his prepared script justifying Ireland’s complicity in war crimes in Syria and said that the Irish government would help secure the release of those children. Though the humanitarian motions of Deputies Daly and Wallace were supported, with amendments, by a large number of Deputies, Labour voted NATO’s way. This meeting is our attempt to hold Minister Coveney to his promise.

ChairMr George Galloway, former MP and well-known broadcaster.

Foua/KafrayaDr Abdul Mohsen, MD (KCL), FRCP, DTM&H; Homs (Akrama Schools)Dr Bashir Mohamad, Consultant Cardiologist.

Relics of the Dead Children: The schools in Homs have sent via DHL relics of their dead school children to friends in England Deputy Daly referred to in her 5 December speech. These relics include a Hello Kitty school bag with the young girl’s congealed blood on it. 

Bloody Sunday/Yemen/Ahed Tamimi Vigils and Marches

George Galloway leads a short 5pm vigil at the Talbot Street memorial to the Dublin and Monaghan bombs. This is followed by a candlelight procession to the GPO where speeches on Yemen and Syria will follow. Proceedings will conclude around 6pm by George Galloway leading us in singing Happy Birthday to Palestinian child prisoner Ahed Tamimi, who celebrates her birthday today on Wednesday 31st in an Israeli prison cell.

Powerpoints, Videos, Other Documents: Please download them from website

Video & Powerpoints Buswell’s Hotel

Video of Foua/Kafraya massacre: Download here <=(in Arabic; graphic)

Choctaw Nation: George Galloway on Ireland, Yemen, Palestine and Syria

America’s Choctaw Indians famously sent $170 to help the Irish during the 1847 “Famine”.  The Choctaw should demand their money back. Today, the Irish government are fully behind NATO sanctions on Syria and cannot even condemn the slaughter and kidnapping of children as young as three. They are fully behind the slaughter in Yemen and Syria and try to weasel out of the moral culpability by look over there shouts about “Assad”, “Iran”, “Hezbollah”, “Russia” or whatever else emanates from the brain boxes at the Pentagon.  Ireland is as culpable in 2018 as Trevelyan was in 1848.

Ireland’s doors remain as tightly shut in 2018 as the doors of Killarney, Kilkenny Dublin and Galway were when the dying stumbled into them in 1848. The refugee  policy, of allowing the favoured and connected few in while tightening the screws on the millions left behind, plays into NATO’s ethnic cleansing policy, which as turned large swathes of Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria and Syria into Dante’s lower layers of hell.

The schedule for January 31 with George Galloway is spelt out below in earlier posts: 12 noon-1pm in the Georgian Suite Buswells, 5pm at the Talbot Street memorial, 5.30 pm at the GPO to sing Happy Birthday to Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian woman the conscience of the world hides behind. It is not much. But it is a start.

Slaughtering Syria’s Shia Children: Download Powerpoints


Above and below are PDFs of two Powerpoint talks prominent Syrian doctors give in Buswell’s Hotel Dublin at 12 pm 31 January, with Mr George Galloway chairing. The original files, as well as some supporting ones, may be downloaded at The talks and Powerpoints are on two of the most sickening war crimes committed in the course of the war on Syria. The speakers are prominent medics, one a cardiologist and the other  a surgeon. More to the point, they are relatives and neighbours of these kidnapped and slaughtered children.

There are a number of minor mistakes in these Powerpoints. It was, for example, not Deputy Coveney but Deputy Mick Wallace, who visited the two schools that were suicide bombed in Homs and who met the relatives of the slaughtered and kidnapped of Foua/Kafraya.

The results of the December 2017 votes in the Irish Parliament on death by sanctions may be seen here. The vote on the emasculating amendment, which specifically asked for the kidnapping of the children of Foua and Kafraya to be condemned, can be seen here.  Most deputies cannot even condemn slaughtering children and kidnapping the survivors.


Homs Horror: Dublin Wednesday 12 noon 31 January

Mothers waiting for news of their toddlers after the White Helmets targeted their schools in no warning suicide bombs.      Download the files here  


Mr Galloway Goes to Dublin: Syria, Yemen, Palestine. Bloody Sundays: Wednesday 31 January, Ahed Tamimi’s Birthday

12 noon-1pm Buswell’s Hotel, Georgian Suite: Mass slaughter and mass kidnap of hundreds of Syrian children in Foua/Kafraya (2017), Latakia (2013), Hama (2015) and Homs (2014) by Irish-funded “rebel” savages. Relatives of the slaughtered and kidnapped give evidence; Mr Galloway chairs. Signed Copies of George’s books available
5pm: Talbot St Bomb Memorial:  George speaks on “unsolved” war crimes in Ireland, including Bloody Sunday Derry,  Bloody Sunday Dublin, Dublin/Monaghan bombs, Sean Treacy, Burgh Quay,  Eden Quay and Sackville Place. Wreath laying  at monument to those killed by “persons unknown” aka the FRU/Glenane “moderate rebel” Gang.
5.30 pm: GPO:  George speak on Ireland’s support for war crimes in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, where Ahed Tamimi  celebrates her 17th birthday as a prisoner on 31st.
6.15 PM: Proceedings conclude, for now. The EU’s murder machine continues in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen and Ahed Tamimi remains in an Israeli prison.
Mr George Galloway Goes to Dublin: Wednesday 31 January


Turkey’s Organ-Harvesting Chop-Shops: Dublin 31 January

​​ Mr Simon Coveney, TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs
25 Eanair 2018

Dear Minister Coveney
Because you promised to help rescue the 54 Syrian Shia children the White Helmets kidnapped, following their 15 April 2017 suicide bomb attack on their bus convoy evacuating Foua/Kafraya, we have a Wednesday 31 January Georgian Suite Buswell’s Hotel 12 noon-1pm meeting which Mr George Galloway, the broadcaster and former MP, will chair and which will be addressed by prominent Syrian surgeons from the besieged villages of Foua/Kafraya.
Evidence now indicates that these children, together with thousands of Yezidi and Alawi from Latakia, Idlib and Hama, are being held hostage in Turkey, the richer children for ransom and the rest to be chopped up for Turkey’s booming human organ harvesting trade, which is ten times more lucrative than Turkey’s massive tourism sector. As some 30,000 Turks are currently waiting for organ transplants and as 500,000 foreigners visit Turkey each year to avail of their cut price medical deals, the chop shops are kept busy with this insatiable demand, not only in Turkey but in and from Europe as well. Although human chop shops operate in India, Haiti, the Philippines and wherever poverty is rampant, Turkey’s are fat-tailed statistical outliers in the suspiciously high amount of (Syrian) cadavers available and the Ottomans’ penchant for the khazouk makes such abominations as organ harvesting of Ismaeli and Assyrians palatable to their mafia gangs.
Because Irish government funded NGOs like GOAL and Trócaire fund activities in the areas the kidnappers and organ harvesters control and because Mary Fitzgerald and other Irish journalists and politicians have worked closely with these criminals, we count on your officers to get them to throw light on these dark crimes.
Georgian Suite Buswell’s Hotel 12 noon-1pm 31 January. Syria, Turkey and Khazouk