Saudi Arabia out of Syria, Yemen and Ireland

Saudi Arabia out of Ireland: Protest at the Saudi Embassy in Dublin, Wednesday 13th December 1pm: to protest Saudi Arabia’s genocide policies against the people of Syria and Yemen, who are being systematically starved to death as we were in 1847. Saudi Arabia, which chops off more heads every year than ISIS do, fund terror world wide, Ireland included. Close their embassy. Kick the head hackers out. Mick Wallace TD slams Irish collusion with Saudi and EU war crimes in Syria and Yemen. Speech on Syrian sanctions here. Clare Daly TD slams Irish collusion with Saudi and EU war crimes in Syria and Yemen and makes good on her Syrian pledges. Speech on Syrian sanctions here.
I warned Simon Coveney, who listened to both the Wallace and Daly speeches, about Abdullah Issa’s Irish-linked killers who were feted as head-hacking heroes in Tipperary and in Dublin by the Green and Labour Parties. (See 2nd column above of  Debbie McCann’s expose)  Mary Fitzgerald, who has sung ISIS’ praises on countless occasions, reported in the Irish Times of May 24, Suicide Bomber Terry Kelly’s Muslim Brotherhood mob attack on Dublin’s Belgian Embassy. Mary Fitzgerald and Pat Kenny have also consistently supported CIA funded Dubliner Mahdi al-Harati and his Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), who did the London and Manchester bombings and numerous war crimes in Syria and Libya and who now run slave auctions in Libya and who even MI6 now admit are ISIS affiliates.
GOAL: cannot account for where their hundreds of euro millions ended up in Syria for the simple reason they sent it, less “expenses”, into head hacking, organ eating, child raping Caliphates. GOAL, OXFAM and others should be kicked bag and baggage out of Ireland and their ring leaders, past and present, arrested. More Information and detail at
Salesian Sr Bridget Doody: was here on RTE’s Drivetime on 8th December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the 95th anniversary of the shocking events in Mountjoy Prison we still live with. Sr Bridget proved herself a credit to God, to the Salesians, to Abbeyfeale and to Killeedy, whose accent and value system she has retained despite over half a century preserving Ireland’s good name in Egypt and the Syrian Arab Republic.
New NGO:  aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to the people of the Arab lands has been incorporated. Email for information.

Saving Syrians this Christmas: Bit Coin Summary

All funds collected go directly with no deductions  to heart and other operations, buying baby powder milk and buying heating oil. Longer explanation is right below on this post. How to Donate: Bitcoin, Bank Transfer or online. Details: at end of post.  Major Targets: Hospital operations, baby milk powder, heating oil. Unique Selling Points: We pay the money directly to Syrians (identifiable hospitals, schools, nurseries or long term Syrian residents like Sr Brigid Doody and let them get on with what they do. Further Information: Contact us by leaving a coment and we will email, phone, viber or watstapp.

Bitcoin address: 38Ffq5FET8aDir82HHY8pGuY559Ure51Df
Donate ifundraiseclick here
Donate Bank AccountAccount name: Dr Declan Hayes. Bank: AIB Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5. National Sort Code: 93-23-45. Account Number: 32358-36. IBAN: IE28AIBK93234532358036 (BIC AIBKIE2D). This is a basic deposit account where, for extra security, only I can withdraw money and only in person as there is no debit card etc.




Syria Christmas Appeal: Please donate now

We return to Syria for Christmas Day bearing gifts of peace and life for those who badly need them just to survive another winter. We have a growing number of  selfless Syrian partners and our job is to give them money and let them get on with it. Every penny you give is desperately needed and every penny will be used in its entirety.
Bitcoin address: 38Ffq5FET8aDir82HHY8pGuY559Ure51Df
Donate ifundraiseclick here
Our Bitcouiin project is part of a longer term project to break the siege of Syria. Fiat money, ordinary money, is needed in the shorter term to help minimise death and suffering. The rest of this post shows you how to donate.
Galways’ Joe Canning visits liberated Aleppo with UNICEF on November 24th. Our gilt edged Aleppan partners include the Syriac Orthodox Church, whose Patriarch we brought to Dublin. As Joe Canning is highly respected both on and off the pitch, his presence in Aleppo will help make supporting Syrian children more respectable and blunt criticism of those of us who stand by the Syrian people.
No Hurlers on the Ditch: Although Joe Canning is to be commended for his humanitarian work (but not for breaking Waterford hearts), Syria needs senior hurling, serious efforts to alleviate the blight of sanctions and lay the groundwork for peace, sovereignty and an end to NATO backed savagery you cannot imagine in your worst nightmares. Whatever about UNICEF, our gilt-edged partners on the ground need your direct help to alleviate these most horrible of war crimes. The following is a necessarily incomplete list of those we directly help with your money and with our own.
Sr Bridget Doody (right of centre between the Syrian nun and me) was born and baptized in Abbeyfeale and grew up in nearby Killeedy Co Limerick. She and her fellow Salesians (her Italian superior is to the left) are doing great work in Damascus under constant shelling  by “the rebels”. Sr Bridget needs help to buy baby milk powder at $100 for a 25 Kl sack to Syrian and Palestinian families in dire need. (Kilburn has already pledged $200 on top of previous donations) Please donate and we will again pass it on in full in person before Christmas.
Dr Ali Mohsen coordinates relief efforts for the predominantly Shia survivors of the April 2017 Foua and Kafraya bus massacres as well as other evacuees under regular suicide bomb attack near the Shia Zeinab shrine in Damascus. His brother, Dr Abdul, will speak in Dublin at 12 noon on 31 January about the unspeakable war crimes Irish jihadists have subjected them to. 
Ms Ranyah Solyman is the Principal of Ekrema al Makhzoumi school in Homs, which was subject to multiple suicide bomb attacks in October 2014 because it is a centre of excellence (a great school with great teachers and great kids, in plain English). Students and staff are predominantly Sunni, if that matters. We gave them some money and wish to give them much more to show we stand with them and against the devils the EU sends to slaughter and organ harvest them. Parroting Not in Our Name or Pray for Syria is not enough. They need practical help.
Fr Taufiq Eid is the Melkite priest in Maloula, where Dr Joseph Saadeh is on the Town Council. We wish  to give them more money for heating oil (they need $60,000 to keep the poor warm this winter) and to subsidise the villager’s only nursery at $30 a child. The residents of Maloula speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Because of sanctions, even Syriia’s “rich” cannot get heating oil so you can imagine how the poor are getting on; as many Syrian children have frozen to death as a direct result of sanctions, their Santa wish list is modest in the extreme. Help them this Christmas. Donate.
 Drs Ahmad Khaddour and Mohammad Younes are heart surgeons in Damascus’ Dar el Shafaa Hospital. We paid £4000 for one heart operation (for a young Muslim girl) and will pay for several more on Christmas Day when we are back in Syria. The hospital, not us, picks the children. The surgeons work for free. The money covers the hospital’s necessary overheads. No donations, no operations.
The above are only a selection of our partners. Nothing is deducted for travel or other expenses. Every penny you give is accounted for, receipted and used with transparent paper trails.
Donate online: at this link.
Donate Bank AccountAccount name: Dr Declan Hayes. Bank: AIB Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5. National Sort Code: 93-23-45. Account Number: 32358-36. IBAN: IE28AIBK93234532358036 (BIC AIBKIE2D). This is a basic deposit account where, for extra security, only I can withdraw money and only in person as there is no debit card etc.
Donate BitCoin address 38Ffq5FET8aDir82HHY8pGuY559Ure51Df Bitcoin QR Code:  Attached. Please, scan and share along with the address

Orphans of Syria: Appeal

Donate-> <-Donate

When I return for my eight and ninth visits to Syria at the end of October and for Christmas Day.  Your money  will be given directly and in full with zero deductions to orphanages, women’s groups and others who look after Syria’s tens of thousands of orphans. My self-funded journey will take me and my 24 strong group to Damascus,  Maaloula, Saidnaya, Homs,  Aleppo, Palmyra and Deir Ezzor, where we hope to cross the Euphrates.  Your money is important to help Syria’s unsung heroes give these child victims immediate help and some kind of a future. Securing them a future will take a lot of work and examples, such as you can do by giving in this direct way to those who need your help the most.
As I will be leaving for Damascus on 22 October and again on 15 December, your help is needed before those dates.  Though I will also be distributing $10,000 raised from other sources and about $2000 of electronic equipment, the more I can distribute, the more optimism we can give to them.
The photo above is of me in front of a tank in Maaloula on Easter Sunday 2014, just after the Syrian Army freed it. Maaloula like Aleppo, Homs and most other places has not been forgotten and its women and orphans left to their own devices.  The road back for them will be a long one but your contributions can help a lot.
On our last visit in March 2017,  we gave the money we had collected to the Melkite Church, the Syriac Orthodox Church in Aleppo, to women working on art therapy with orphans in the Old City of Damascus and to other good causes and people.
I am an Irish citizen,  a professor of finance who has written extensively on Syria and who has brought Syrian Muslim and Christian leaders  to the Irish Parliament form my own resources. This is the latest in a number of ongoing initiatives to help those who need help the most.
For more information, contact me with a comment or email.

With Damascus University students on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian, Assyrian and Pontic Greek genocides. Many of their class mates were murdered by moderate rebels in the university.




In Homs, with a local Druze leader and Elias, a Christian from Bethlehem during the 2014  Presidential election


With Kave, an Australian boxer and Damascus University students at the 100th anniversary of the Armenian, Assyrian and Pontic Greek genocides.

Luke Cornish and Assyrian kids, St Patrick’#s day, 2017, Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic.

This Armenian kid holds up the Turkish reg number  of an ambulance Irish jihadists used to storm Kessab.


With Fr  Dave Smith, Kave and Palestinians, Yarmouk Palestinian camp, Damascus.

Damascus University April 2014.


Chilling wiht Syrian soldiers, Bakdash Ice Cream Bar, Damascus April 2014.

Maaloula Easter Sunday 2014.

Maaloula Easter Sunday 2014.

Maaloula September 2014.

Karate in Kassab, September 2014.

Yarmouk Palestinian Camp, April 2014.


Australian boxers, Latakia April 2014.

Australian singers, Yarmouk Palesitinian camp, April 2014

Widows of martyred Syrian soldiers, Homs, 2014.

Mothers of martyred Syrian soldiers, Homs, 2014.

Palm Sunday Melkite cathedral, Damascus, 2014

Palm Sunday Melkite cathedral, Damascus, 2014

Entering Maloula Easter Sunday 2014


Entering Maloula Easter Sunday 2014

Maloula September 2014.

Kessab Armenians who Irish terrorist kidnapped to Turkey, September 2014

Kessab Armenians who Irish terrorist kidnapped to Turkey, September 2014

Maloula folk, living as refugees in Saidnayay, September 2014

With the late Syrian and Palestinian hero, Mgr Hilarion Capucci, Palestinian Embassy, Roma

Palestinian refugees, Yarmouk Camp, Damascus


Palestinian refugees, Yarmouk Camp, Damascus


Palestinian refugees, Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

We rescued this Syrian Palestinian baby, Gafar Azouz, from a Turkish orphanage after the Turks murdered his entire family.

We rescued this Syrian Palestinian baby, Gafar Azouz, from a Turkish orphanage after the Turks murdered his entire family. The woman holding his ID card is his grand mother.

Syrian widows and orphans, Homs, April 2014.

Syrian widows and orphans, Homs, April 2014.

Palestinian children, Yarmouk Palestinian camp, Damascus 2014

Karate in Kessab, 2014

With the Syrian Army, Turkish border 2014 September

This Armenian lady was madew a refugee three times: from Deir Ezzor, form Aleppo and from Kessab.

Presenting my book to the Syrian PM.

My little hero, Homs,  2014

Download my book fro free at


I met this lovely Assyrian lady making her first Holy Communion on April 24, 2015 in the Old City of Damascus.



Slaughtering Syria’s Shias – Tipperary’s Take?

Dear Mr Martin Quinn of the “Tipperary” Peace Foundation

Please answer in detail the following so that we may update our files.

1. Who funds the “Tipperary” Peace Convention?

2. Who funded the security details for Mr John Kerry and other high-profile American winners of “your” prize?

3. Was the money you raised from the raffle to spend two nights’ B&B (mid-week) at the Clonmel Park Hotel, Tipperary, which you advertised on 25 January and again on 17 May, enough to cover the massive bills or had you a chicken raffle as well? When, if ever, will you announce the winner(s)?

4. What is your relationship with the Unification Church’s (Moonies’) Global Peace Convention and with Dr Tony Devine, one of their main operatives? Why are you its only European branch?

6. Do the Moonies fund your group? Do they help to choose the short list for your prize? If not, why not?

7. Who chooses the short list? What are their professional or other qualifications to do so?

8. By what authority do you accept that the White Helmets are worthy winners of your prize?

9. Should Russophobes award peace prizes?

10. Given your own rabid Russophobia, do you think paid lobbyists like Anna Nolan or NATO countries implicated in destroying Syria are credible or partisan sources?

11. Was it the work of Carl Sunstein, Samantha Power’s husband, on conspiracy theories, or the advice of Anna Nolan’s employers that got you to dismiss the overwhelming evidence implicating the White Helmets as the war criminals that they are?

11. Will you accompany us to the Syrian Arab Republic in October, at Christmas and/or at Easter to explain in person your collusion against them to the Syrian people? If not, why not?

12. Now that the Syrian Arab Army has broken the siege of Deir Ezzor, and the British, Jordanians, Qataris and Turks have all folded, do the Tipperary Moonies intend to be the last Syrian terrorist apologists standing?

Dr Declan Hayes

Syrian Terrorists in Tipperary

Dear President Michael Higgins, Archbishop Eamon Martin, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney et al

The White Helmets kidnapped, raped and organ harvested hundreds of Shia children at Rashideen on April 15th 2017. We will record and disseminate any association, however tenuous, you or yours have with these butchers, as the Moonies award them their “Tipperary” Peace Prize this Wednesday.The White Helmets are war criminals who belong in jail, not in Tipperary.

Dr Declan Hayes

Rath Éanna, Baile Átha Cliath 5.

Al Qaeda’s White Helmets Belong in Jail, not with the Moonies in Tipperary

Dear Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Foreign Minister Simon Coveney

Upon our return from a major international fact-finding mission to the Syrian Arab Republic in early November, Irish citizens accompanying us will report to both of you in person on the hundreds of Shia children, who were recently murdered, raped and organ harvested by the White Helmets murder gang.  Meanwhile, for your own sake, for your party’s sake, for Ireland’s sake, for the sake of the people of Syria and all other victims of ISIS terrorism, please boycott the Moonies’ 6th September presentation of their “Tipperary” Peace Prize to the White Helmets Al Qaeda war criminals. The White Helmets belong in jail, not in Tipperary.

Dr Declan Hayes

Rath Éanna, Baile Átha Cliath 5.

Tipperary and The “Tipperary” Peace Convention both get a lengthy reference on pp 271-4 of this book.The White Helmets are on pp 288/9  The White Helmets’ slaughter of Shia children is on pp 103/4. Download it from free at

Syria & the Moonies in Ireland

Ireland’s leading politicians have been given this link to the above book and to updated sections on the Moonies’ Tipperary Peace Foundation, which are awarding the “Peace” Prize to the White Helmets murder gang.

The Moonies’ Tipperary Peace Prize

Dear Archbishop O’Reilly, Joe Duffy, Tipperary Deputies, Senators, Councillors, MEPs and journalists

The Moonies are giving their 2017 “Tipperary” Peace Prize to The White Helmets, al Qaeda’s undertakers in Syria. Though ye could meet some of their many victims on our October, Christmas 2017 or Easter 2018 visits to government-held Syria, ye should, at least, not join the Moonies  ( the cult funds the Global Peace Foundation/Tipperary Peace Convention) in paying homage to folk who summarily execute Christians, who organ harvest Shia children and who sell British and American aid workers to ISIS.

For more information on the White Helmets, the Tipperary Peace Prize and the Moonies, download my free 300 page Syria A-Z book from my website.

Dr Declan Hayes

Raheny, Dublin 5.

Attached: Juliana Valentine McCourt: Born May 4 1997 Co Cork, Ireland, Murdered 9 September 2001, United Airlines Flight 175, South Tower, World Trade Center, New York City, along with her Irish mother, Ruth Clifford McCourt, by al Qaeda who run the White Helmets. 


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

Lest we forget.


Page 270 of this book. Link here

Tipperary Peace Foundation

The Tipperary Peace Foundation is the only European branch of the sinister. Global Peace Foundation run by the colorful Hyun Jin Moon, who is the global head of the Moonies cult, the new Moonie Messiah, whose father was personaly “commanded by Jesus to found a new religion that could unite the entire world”. It gives peace awards to sinister people and groups including the notorious White Helmets. Further links on these characters are here, here, here, here and here. This blog paints Moon out as being as big a fraud as he grandfather was. Here is a piece on a war over the Moonies’ $2 billion industry. Here is a report on a legal battle between the Family Federation for World Peace on one side and Hyun Jin moon on the other. The New York Times here compains of the Cold War rhetoric the Washington Times, owned by the Moonies, churns out. This link lists the Moonies as the world’s 9th scariest cult. This Irish Times piece describes how ‘Messiah’ Moon leaves a vast business – and a tainted image”. This New Republic article speaks of the Moonies’ sex rituals, foreign spies, Biden offspring, and the Unification Church’s war-torn first family.”


Irish War Criminals in Syria: Ref MERU70077

Mr Simon Coveney, TD,
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Dublin 2.
Dear Minister Coveney
Minister Finian McGrath’s attached letter of 4th inst. refers. Irish passport holder and senior Ahrar al-Sham godfather Eyad Shaar masterminded this massacre of Shia children; the White Helmets murder gang, which the Oireachtas welcomed on very many occasions, were also centrally involved. This massacre took place in the Idlib Caliphate which GOAL funds to the tune of tens of millions of euros.  Prominent Irish-American Syrian resident, Ms Lilly Martin, can fill you in on the war crimes of Irish citizens Mahdi al-Harati and Housam “Sam” Najjair, both of whom helped found, in Dublin’s fair city, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which perpetrated the recent Manchester and London terror attacks as well as countless war crimes in both Libya and Syria. Although these Irish guns-for-hire were hailed as heroes on the Late Late Show and in the Irish Times by colourful columnist Mary Fitzgerald, Syria’s Armenians regard Ireland’s Tokyo Rose and her head-hacking heroes as 1st degree war criminals. If it is war criminals you want, shop local. 
If it is bigger fish you want to fry, then look no further than Ballsbridge and/or Co Clare. Although the USAF, thanks to their abuse of our neutrality at Shannon airport, recently murdered a staggering 40,000 civilians in Mosul and a further 20,000 in Raqqa, neither the US Embassy nor the US Ambassador have come in for the fanatical fascist attacks the Russian Embassy and the Russian Ambassador have had to endure in “neutral” Ireland, in your own Oireachtas included. The Russian Ambassador, HE Maxim Peshkov, has repeatedly assured me that Russian special forces will supply, gratis, armed protection for any group of Irish politicians wishing to visit the Syrian Arab Republic to assess the situation there for themselves. Because the Syrian authorities, together with their religious and civil leaders, are likewise ready to assist as, of course, am I, you, your colleagues and your civil servants should really visit Syria to formulate a worthwhile and independent policy rather than colluding in the discredited policies of the Pentagon, the Muslim Brotherhood and MI6, all of whom, as the current trial of Sir Mark Allen, MI6’s former boss, shows, have serious 1st degree war crimes charges to answer themselves.
Taking the Road to Damascus, actually going there, is essential to formulate any worthwhile or independent positions on the Syrian and Yemeni genocides. Your olagoning of “the denial of access to humanitarian and medical assistance in Syria” would cut some ice if Ireland was not, at NATO’s behest, imposing criminal medical sanctions on Syria, killing thousands of innocents in the process and berating Syrian surgeons and Syrian cardiologists who visit here to appraise you of the apocalypse your sanctions have visited upon their Syrian homeland.
You boast you have given 100,000€ to bring war criminals to book. Because Major General Issam Zahreddine, the latest high-profile Druze Syrian to be added to your EU list, has been totally surrounded by ISIS’ crack brigades in Deir ez-Zoir since October 2013, there is absolutely no way Zahreddine could have been involved at any level in the April 2017 Khan Shaykh crimes the EU’s war hawks say he helped orchestrate. Regarding the claims of ex British Army squaddie and certified psychiatric patient Paul Conroy that Zahreddine was involved in roughing up peaceful protesters in Homs, I have visited Homs’ Baba Amr neighbourhood where Conroy and his cut throats were holed up. I have met the locals who were made dig their rat tunnels at gun point and I have stood in a kindergarten which they blew up the following day, with massive loss of little innocent lives. The only reason that Zahreddine is only now being targeted for allegedly roughing up protesters in 2012 is because the Syrian Arab Army have won the war against Conroy’s killers in Homs and Zahreddine’s 104th Brigade are on the verge of winning it in Deir Ezzor too.
Once we return from Syria in early November, other Irish members of our delegation of your acquaintance will give you and your colleagues their take on how stands Syria. For my part, I will be preparing to spend Christmas Day as well as the Greek and Latin Easters in Syria, where we will help those who have survived thus far Irish jihadists, Irish sanctions, Irish collusion on the Golan and Irish foreign policy. Because I believe that you, your government and your party can do much better than that, we will continue to help open the door to peace in Syria and hope you will avail of it.
 Finally, though I hope you  enjoy U2 in Croke Park tonight, spare a moment to think of the victims of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in Manchester, London, Libya and Syria
Dr Declan Hayes